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Write personal essay high school

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aztec jobs essays It was against write personal essay high, the law to be drunk in public in the Aztec empire, unless you were over 70 years old! Each Aztec home had a steam bath! It is said that the major Aztec weapon could chop off the construction workers head of write high a horse with one blow! Read on for much more ancient Aztec history! Aztec history search Check out the Aztec history search, your place to find information about the computers or bad essay Aztec empire, its culture and its people. The Aztec Empire The Aztec empire is well known today even though it vanished centuries ago. Take a look at this Aztec empire history to see what the high school empire really was. Aztec Timeline A detailed Aztec timeline, including the Aztec empire's emperors, important battles, and other events of significance during the time of the Aztec civilization.

Ancient Aztec Religion Discover the Case study Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty basic beliefs of the ancient Aztec religion, and how the write personal essay high school Mexica people might have thought about the world and the gods. Aztec Society Family Find out how an resume letter Aztec society family functioned, how children were raised, male and high, female roles, and essay television disadvantages, other fascinating things about Aztec family culture. Aztec Food What was Aztec food like? Is it still eaten today? What is an Aztec food recipe like?

Ancient Aztec Art What was ancient Aztec art like? What types of themes did the artists enjoy working on? Let's take a look at the art of the personal school Aztecs. Aztec jewelry Enough with the fakes - what did Aztec jewelry really look like? What was it made with? How did this ancient Aztec art fit with the culture of its day? Find out proposal, here! Aztec calendar stone Unlock the secrets of the Aztec calendar stone. why and when was it carved? What was its purpose?

How was it rediscovered? Find out essay high, about the Aztec calendar stone here! Ancient Aztec clothing What would you be wearing if you lived in ancient Mexico? Discover what ancient Aztec clothing was like, and what kinds of clothes the different classes of society wore. Aztec Temples Let's look at the secrets and disertation proposal, mysteries of the Aztec temples. What was an write personal essay high school Aztec temple like?

How were they used? What do they look like today? Read on. Aztec Alphabet The Aztec alphabet was actually a series of glyphs, though the language was later written in alphabetic form. The glyphs themselves had more than one meaning. Aztec Language Where did the Aztec language come from, and what was it like?

Learn more about the language spoken by the peoples of the Aztec empire. Proposal. Aztec culture An overview of high school Aztec culture - how people lived from day to day in the Aztec empire of Mexico. Aztec culture as it was. Speech Abortion Legal. Ancient Aztec Games Perhaps the most well known of ancient Aztec games was ullamaliztli, played on a tlachtli ball court. But there were many other Aztec games and sports, such as patolli. Ancient Aztec Government Let's take a look at how the write personal essay ancient Aztec government was structured - who had the power in the Aztec government, and how was that power used? Ancient Aztec Weapon Which ancient Aztec weapon would you want to take into battle? Find out what weapons were used by the Aztecs in resume cover letter for java, war, and what type of weapon was used for what. Aztec Warriors In the essay ancient Aztec empire, the Aztec warriors had a particularly high status in society, in spite of the construction workers essay high risk in their job. Write Personal School. But what was the disertation proposal life of an Aztec warrior really like? Aztec Map This Aztec map shows the general regions of the Aztec empire, and also how the write personal school different areas related to the power of the whole.

A map of the speech legal Aztec Empire as it was before its fall. The Fall of the write high school Aztec Empire There are many factors that caused the construction workers essay fall of the Aztec empire. Write Personal Essay. We may wonder how history would have been different if not for the fall of the Aztec empire. Moctezuma II Who was Moctezuma II? Learn more about the emperor of the construction Aztecs who ruled during the write personal essay high school great clash of civilizations. Cholula Pyramid Explore the Cholula Pyramid through time and space - when was it built? What relationship did the Aztecs have with it? How does the Great Pyramid of Cholula relate to other pyramids around the world? About Aztec History Aztec history - a fascinating exploration into a culture that is by no means dead. Find out about Aztec history and this website. Hernan Cortez biography Fascinating facts about the man who tried to bring down the Aztecs in this Hernan Cortez biography.

Who was Hernan Cortes and what drove him to conquer? New Aztec history facts New facts and essay television, articles about ancient Aztec history. Teotihuacan Teotihuacan, though not an Aztec city as many believe, was still very important in the Aztec empire. But to really understand it, you must go back another 1500 years or more. Aztec Calendar Wheels Discover the personal mysteries of the Aztec calendar wheels - where did they come from? How do they relate to even more ancient calendars? How does the proposal calendar wheel work? Let's look at the answers. The ancient Olmec Civilization The ancient Olmec civilization was a complex society that predated both the Mayans and personal essay school, the Aztecs. Good Or Bad. The Olmecs probably influenced future societies in many ways - let's take a look. Moctezuma The name Moctezuma has become legendary, and will be forever linked with the write personal school last Mexican empire before the arrival of the Spanish.

But the abortion legal name has been used to refer to more than one person. Traditional Mexican Food Some of the traditional Mexican food that is eaten is thousands of years old, but the dishes that the personal high Aztecs and others ate are still popular today. Workers. Aztec Chicken Recipe You could say that this Aztec chicken recipe is write personal a reincarnation of computers good or bad essay a traditional Aztec recipe. Modern ingredients are used to recreate an authentic Aztec taste with a twist. Mayan Civilization What was the ancient Mayan civilization? What was it like, and how did the ancient Mayan people influence the Aztec history that would come later? Aztec Symbols Discover the rich tradition of symbols that were used in the Aztec Empire. Write Essay High. What Aztec symbols were there, and how were they used? Aztec Creation Story You could say that the Aztec creation story was actually many creation stories. Let's examine how the Aztecs believed the world began, and what their place was in it.

Aztec Artifacts - 5 Surprising Finds Since the fall of the empire, Aztec artifacts have been surfacing, telling the abortion legal world about a civilization that once ruled supreme in Mexico. A Look at Aztec Clothes Let's take a look at Aztec clothes and how the clothing was worn in write essay high, the time of the ancient Aztec empire by both men and women. Aztec Gods - Who's Who The Aztec gods were many - hundreds. Read about some of the primary Aztec gods - what people believed about them, and how people worshiped them. The Aztec Civilization: What was it like?

An introduction to the Aztec Civilization: What it was, what it was like, and disertation, where the Aztec empire came from. Write Personal Essay. The Aztec Calendar - mysterious origins and later uses What was the Aztec calendar, and computers good or bad, how was it used? Where did it come from? Actually, there's more than one Aztec calendar, and its origins are ancient. Aztec Agriculture For the peoples of central Mexico, Aztec agriculture was a lot more than growing a few stalks of corn.

Aztec farming has been admired and studied ever since. Personal Essay High. Aztec Children The fascinating lives of Aztec children - from before birth to adulthood. How were children in the Aztec empire treated? How were they trained? What games did they play?

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How to Write an Artist’s CV When You Don’t Have Much (Or Any!) Professional Experience. The post How to Write an Artist CV in 10 Steps is the personal high, most popular in resume for java, the history of The Practical Art World. Some of the most frequently asked questions people have after reading it are “What if I don’t have an personal essay, exhibition history?” or “What if I didn’t go to school?” For new and emerging artists, creating an proposal, artist’s CV can be a bit of a Catch 22. You don’t have much or any experience to put on your CV, but to apply for “experience” in the form of exhibitions, grants, and schooling, you are asked to provide a CV. Fortunately, there are ways to personal essay high, tailor what relevant experience you have into an artist’s CV format. Just remember: don’t lie, and don’t make up anything that doesn’t exist.

Just tell the truth, shaping it a little (creatively– it’s what you do best, right?) into the established CV format. If you haven’t already read How to study Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty, Create an write high school, Artist’s CV in 10 Steps, start there. Below are suggestions which elaborate on construction essay some of the points, aimed specifically at personal essay high school “professionalizing” the workers essay, CV of an artist who has yet to gain, appropriately, professional experience as an artist. Refer to point 1 in the original article. As I mentioned, many established artists keep this section quite short. However, if you don’t have a lot of other material and experiences to add to the rest of the personal, CV, this is a good opportunity to tell your reader about resume developer yourself. Personal Essay! Adding a very brief bio / artist statement can be good if you would like to essay television disadvantages, talk about experiences which don’t fit into the rest of the write personal high school, CV. If you are going to do this, just remember to keep it brief and concise. DON’T oversell yourself: you will look like a professional, dedicated emerging artist if you are honest.

You will look desperate if you pretend to be something you are not. Example of resume letter developer bad contact details: Sometimes called the write high school, world’s most famous artist. Email me! Example of television disadvantages good contact details. Currently lives and works in Paris, France. Refer to point 2 in the original article. Many emerging as well as professional artists are self-taught, and yet for some reason the education section of a CV tends to write essay, be intimidating for all but those who have a Masters degree. It doesn’t have to good or bad essay, be that way. DON’T list any education on your CV that doesn’t explicitly link to your art career (like your degree in biology).

Example of a good education history, for those who did not attend “art school” or university. Example of a bad education history, for those who did not attend “art school” or university. One hour workshop with Lynne McLaughlin. Informal classes with Tom Backlund. Has received feedback from Geoff Parker. Bachelor of Science, Biology major. One way to add exhibitions to your CV is to list any which are forthcoming.

If you’ve got something lined up, it’s perfectly acceptable to include it on your CV before it’s happened. Just add “(forthcoming)” to each exhibition which hasn’t actually happened yet. Another trick for plumping up your exhibition history is a little bit cheeky. Write Essay School! I realized this loophole when I saw some site-specific installations on proposal a CV. After a little digging, I realized that the artworks were installed guerrilla-style. In other words, someone made art and put it somewhere without invitation or the formal facets of a traditional exhibition. Personal High! I’m all for this idea, as long as it doesn’t involve breaking laws or damaging property.

It’s a great idea to show your artwork (though, you might not be able to get it back), and certainly an artistic project that can be added to construction workers, your CV under your exhibition history. Just make sure you classify it properly, as to not mislead anyone! DON’T make anything up. Example of personal a good exhibition list. 2012 Site-specific installation, “ Alleyway” , Vancouver, BC. Example of resume cover letter developer a bad exhibition list. Refer to point 5 from the original article. If you are an write, new or emerging artist, you probably do not have your work in any public collections.

Luckily, it’s fair game to list anyone who owns your work, including people to whom you have gifted your artwork. Collectors who own your work are normally listed on your CV as “Private collection,” followed by their location. You should not actually name someone unless they have explicitly agreed to be listed as a collector of your work, and / or if you have some other reason to do so (for example, they are a very well-known collector). DO make a list of disertation proposal people who own your work, even if they didn’t actually purchase it; most of these you can convert to write personal, “Private collection,” followed by location. DON’T put your Mom’s name on the list, or anyone with the same last name as you. DON’T list a city more than once if more than one person owns your work there. Example of a good collection list.

Example of disadvantages a bad collection list. FINALLY, IF YOU HAVE AN ESPECIALLY SHORT CV AND THINGS ARE LOOKING DESPERATE. You can think of some creative ways to write high school, visually enhance your CV: Include an image of your artwork (not usually recommended, but between that and the blank page, one image is better). Center your text with large margins. Yes, this is cheating when you’re writing an essay. But if you do it properly, you can make your CV look visually planned and striking.

Include an artist statement and CV on one single page. Disertation! Often these are asked for separately, but if you are able to combine them, it’s a great way to make your presentation look great. 69 thoughts on write high “ How to television, Write an Artist’s CV When You Don’t Have Much (Or Any!) Professional Experience ” I just LOVE your informative post, Fantastic advice!! I’ll be coming to read this again for sure.

Have a lovely day. God Bless. Nice. Write! Always a pleasure to read a well thought out post. Hello, I’m an emerging artist writing a CV. Advantages! Your article has been very helpful, but I have one question. I am an assistant for write personal essay high school two artists – one well-known in my area and one very well-known in Case study Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care, the larger art world. I would like to include this work experience in my CV somewhere. Write Personal Essay High! The local artist is disertation a semi-paid position and the well-known artists is unpaid. While they are not exactly my mentors, I did take on essay high school these positions in order to gain experience in the art world and learn about how to be a professional artist. I believe it would be helpful to have their names on construction workers my CV and write school, I am very proud of my work with them.

Where would you recommend putting these entries, if at or bad all? Hi Bekah, I think it’s a great idea to add these to your CV. Write Personal Essay! You can create your own heading, “Assistant-ships,” or something similar to list them under. I think it gets the point across that you are gaining experience, while still not explicitly naming them your “mentors.” Definitely include this! I would put it under the resume for java, heading ‘Professional experience’ or even just a sentence saying something along the lines of: Assistant to: Damien Hirst (2004 – present), Anthony Gormley (2002) A lot of young and emerging artists do not have a lot of exhibitions to add to their CVs but it is worthwhile remembering art-related work (paid or unpaid) which was not directly related to personal essay high, your own practice, such as assisting other artists, or invigilation, volunteering etc. This is a nice blog you’ve got going! I am always impressed by computers good essay, people who show dedication to their passions and to their craft.

Your blog reminds me of a women who is currently offering a very unique service by showcasing her skills in personal essay high, spray-painting. I implore anyone and everyone to construction, click the following link to see what she has to offer #128578; Hey thank you very much for this help, i really need it! Questions : In the exhibitions should i also include the high school, title or something else than “Group exhibition, location, date”? My problem is that i had to much shows in one gallery and it looks a little repeating!! Thanks #128512; Hi, it’s good to include the construction workers, title of the show if there is one. Very helpful for the self-taught emerging artist! Thank you! How should I include online features?

I have several features (interview, review, portfolio) online, how should I refer to write personal essay high school, them? Also, what to do with features/interviews that are not in disertation, English (I’m from Germany), should I include them as well? Online features are great to essay, include. You could list the German pieces with their German titles, and include english translations in resume letter for java, brackets if you see fit (but it’s not absolutely necessary). and additional question… under which category should I put online features? bibliography, publications or something like ‘selected press’? thanks for your help. so glad i found this!! #128578; just a question though what do you think of the essay high, more creative resumes/cvs? the construction, ones where it practically looks like an artwork itself? I personally think it should look clean, readable, and not too unconventional… then again, it probably depends on write personal essay school where you are submitting it! I have a business background, no artistic experience (at all), but a promising submission. What should I do?

I enter a lot of juried online art shows. How does one show these on a CV. Checking my blog will give you examples in my about resume for java developer me. Thank you for the great ideas for us beginners. I’d like to get a little clarification on exactly what constitutes an exhibition. Personal! I have had work for sale in several different galleries over the course of several years, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what is meant to be included under the EXHIBITIONS heading.

I have had my work in a few short term shows (not in galleries), and I’ve also just been juried in to show my work at an important gallery.I think those probably do qualify as EXHIBITIONS, but it’s just a gut feeling. Could you please give us some guidance as to what qualifies as an EXHIBITION. Disertation Proposal! For example, does it have to be in a “gallery” or does a bunch of artists getting together to put on a show count? Does it have to write, be a juried show or is it OK to essay, count shows where they let pretty much anyone in? Does it need to be short term in nature, like a week or a month, or does having your work in essay school, a gallery for construction essay five years count, and if so, what do you list for the date of the exhibition? Whenever your work is exhibited, that is an exhibition. I don’t know if there is one true definition, but that’s what I think! I also think it is an acceptable rule of essay high thumb for your CV. If you have work on for java developer exhibit for personal high school a long period of time, I would suggest saying “ongoing” for the date.

This is one of the best, and easiest articles to understand,I would refer you to everyone.Thank you. Thank you for such awesome and Case study of negligence,duty, informative articles! I was invited to apply for an artist in write personal high school, residence program (it was invitation only), and I was a finalist but I did not get the residency. I feel proud to be invited, should I add this to my resume? Certainly you should!

Just make sure that it is worded in such a way to make clear that you didn’t actually complete the residency. This is super helpful, thank you! I had a question though, I am trying to proposal, put together a CV [I am mainly an abstract painter] and write personal essay high, I do have some experience and exhibitions to list but not a huge amount. Computers Good Essay! I do however have a small business making artisanal jewelry out of sterling silver cutlery. Write High! Through this I have had some press and many juried shows. Should I include some of television advantages disadvantages that in my CV as well? Or just focus on the painting side? I would include this on your CV, as it is part of your artistic experience. Write Essay! You don’t have to differentiate between the two mediums or state what kind of work you showed–you can just list all the exhibitions together.

Likewise with press. I’m kind of wondering the proposal, same thing as the business person in a reply a few posts up. I have a master’s degree in… something that has absolutely nothing to do with art. I never took any formal art classes beyond high school, either. What I’ve learned about write personal high art is from proposal, (lots of) reading and doing. I feel like I’m creating a body of work that is relevant and write personal essay high school, has plenty to say, but my only meaningful exposure is a reasonably active Instagram account that is slowly, but steadily gaining followers. (I have a dA account, too, but that one’s not getting much action.) Moreover, for personal reasons that I’d rather not get into construction workers essay here, I want to remain as anonymous as possible for now, and I would really like my work to just speak for itself. Essay! Am I just screwed, or do you have any ideas on persuasive abortion how I should go about this? Thanks very much. This is very helpful as I’m getting ready to write personal essay, submit works for an upcoming arts festival.

I’m using your ideas of naming instructors and private collections, A question – I am self-taught, however, I grew up in disertation, a family of artists and writers, such that being around paint and other materials is second nature to me. I also plan on enrolling in write personal essay school, school with the goal of resume cover letter for java developer obtaining a studio art degree from a local college. Should I somehow note these points on the bio/CV? Thanks. Hey… Thank you for this great article. I have a question to ask you what if I have many art awards because I joined art competition since I was 12, how should I selected them to put on CV — should I put them all??– or only the award I got recently??– I’ve just graduated in art major so I’m very new to write personal school, the real art world outside. Should I select only the 1st prize or was a winner? I would suggest putting the most recent awards, as well as the persuasive speech, largest or the ones with the most exposure. You don’t need to essay, put them all, just the ones which seem most relevant to your current practice. Case Study Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Negligence,duty! You can include awards where you were recognized but were not the “winner”, just make sure to indicate.

This is extremely helpful. Thank you. Echoing the long line of thank yous for essay high school this and a quick question – I’m primarily trying to promote myself as a painter and illustrator, however I work full time as essentially a creative director and legal, graphic designer and personal, while I think I probably should include it because it’s in a creative field and it relates, I’m not sure how much to include and what to talk about. This is workers essay very helpful! I wonder how best to show my education, I went to University for my BFA but did not complete my degree? I got extremely close but had to stop for write personal essay high school financial reasons. hi there all again…. Essay Television! Do you possibly have another useful blog like this about writing artists bio’s by personal, any chance?! Thanks for the idea, this could happen in the future! Thanks for Case on donoghue of care the great information I am an emerging artist one of school my primary mediums is proposal blacksmithing.

I have done demonstrations as a member of the local blacksmith guild at our states agricultural fair. How would I reflect this on my CV. I also had my work on display/for sale in an attached shop how should I reflect that on personal high my CV? You could make a heading called “Demonstrations” and include the info about the resume letter, agricultural fair. If the works were on display, you could list that under “Exhibitions”. Hello there!

This blog is wonderful and this post has been most helpful. Personal Essay High! My query: I sold one of my photographs to a large, well-known company for use in a film, and on donoghue of negligence,duty of care, I feel like I should list this but am unsure under what heading. Thanks for school your help and essay, time in replying. You could list this under “Collections” as the personal high school, well-known company is now the owner of the work. Side note: since the piece was in a movie, it’s not a secret that they own it. If they had bought it for private display or collection, it would be best not to list them by name unless they have given you permission to share their information. This blog post has been very useful indeed, thank you. I have a question relating to private commissions, I am a digital artist so technically no physical copy of the of care, end product exists and as such, I’m unsure as to whether I could list them under “collections”. Personal Essay School! I have done some commercial pieces recently but most of cover my work is commissioned for personal use – how would you list this kind of experience on a CV? It’s remarkable in support of mee to have a site, which is beneficial designed for my knowledge. Thanks so much for this.

It was a life saver! I am president of my local art guild. Is that ok to have on the CV and if so, where should I put it? Wao! This is great info…i am an abstract surealist n hv been wondering hw to creat a great artist CV n dis is personal high incredible…thanx alot. I was wondering if its appropriate to put in the pictures of the persuasive, works you had done for an artist in your portfolio. I have been working for an artist and had been doing many of his art works. Do let me know before I request him for pictures of the work.

thank you for this. Hello, I am going to be selling some of my work at write school an art market and wanted to include this on disertation proposal my CV. Write Personal! Where would this fit under? Also, just to clarify on the collections point-is it okay to put more than one from the proposal, same state(or county in England). Write Personal Essay High! Thank you very much. What if my only exhibition was a senior show in highschool? And I have attended two colleges, do I put both of them in? Thank you so much,I hv recently moved to a different country,and as a young emerging self taught artist,I have been having difficultie marketing myself…thanks again.

Thank you for this– it’s so useful. One question: Can I include favorable reviews in my CV? I am self taught jewlery maker and have exhibited in a few shows but I also have a regular stall in a local makers market. Persuasive Speech! How do I incorporate my stall into my CV, and also local shops that stock my jewellery? Should I? and what about previous stockists? Reblogged this on Cricketswool and commented: I’m entering the Ellarslie Open in write personal essay high, Trenton NJ and for the first time encountered a request to submit an letter developer, artist’s resume along with my work. This led me to a post on The Practical Art World. I highly recommend this blog and especially this post to all artists.

hi there, thank all of write personal school you very much to share your experience. i’m a self-taught painter and not much art training. i had a bachelor in acting from workers essay, a national academy, should i include in my cv under the high, ‘education’? thank you a lot in advance best regards berkeley. I have an interesting situation. I started out as a fine artist in the 80’s. Then I veered off and became very successful as an essay television disadvantages, illustrator. School! Then I took off a decade to resume letter, be an actor. Write High! I came back to Case of care, illustration at the turn of century and had lots of success.

About four years ago, I quit illustration and came back to fine art. I instantly won a bunch of write personal high awards at high profiles competitions. I’ve sold and still sell a tremendous amount of work on my own and through an or bad essay, agent in Germany. I’ve always avoided gallery representation like the write, plague, but I’m evolving on that. All of a sudden I’m getting interest from several representational galleries. Case Study On Donoghue Of Negligence,duty Of Care! I’m given speaking engagements and write personal high, workshops. Disertation Proposal! And everyone wants a CV. Problem is that though I’ve been doing art for a long time, my CV doesn’t look like much and I can’t remember much of my winnings and exhibitions over the years, let alone who owns my work. Should I be putting in my illustration accolades too? I feel a bit like a fraud.

What should I do? You have no idea how this helped me! Your post was so easy to follow and had such good examples. Write Personal Essay High! Although I really have very little to put in my resume, your tips helped me make it look decent! Thank you! Very helpful the comments too. Thank you for adding that part about “guerilla art”. As a new installation artist (I’ve had two exhibitions now!) most of my art work was created guerilla style, but I plan to only add one very large piece I did in good or bad essay, my CV. As you say, don’t OVER play it. Thank you again for this. Writing the CV is putting a knot in my stomach.

You helped me break it down simplify it. I think I can actually manage it now. #128578;

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Unit Two: Memoir and Personal Essay - Gunn High School Creative

resume s3 acpi It is important to high, utilize hardware resources in an efficient manner. Power and resource management allows the operating system to monitor system limits and to possibly provide an alert if the system temperature increases unexpectedly. An early specification for providing power management was the Advanced Power Management (APM ) facility. Persuasive Abortion. APM controls the personal essay high school, power usage of of negligence,duty, a system based on its activity. Write Personal Essay. However, it was difficult and inflexible for abortion legal, operating systems to manage the power usage and thermal properties of a system. Personal School. The hardware was managed by the BIOS and the user had limited configurability and visibility into the power management settings. The APM BIOS is persuasive speech abortion legal, supplied by the vendor and is specific to write personal, the hardware platform.

An APM driver in the operating system mediates access to cover letter for java developer, the APM Software Interface, which allows management of power levels. There are four major problems in APM . First, power management is done by the vendor-specific BIOS , separate from the operating system. For example, the user can set idle-time values for a hard drive in write personal essay high the APM BIOS so that, when exceeded, the BIOS spins down the hard drive without the essay television advantages, consent of the write personal high school, operating system. Second, the APM logic is embedded in the BIOS , and it operates outside the scope of the operating system. This means that users can only proposal, fix problems in the APM BIOS by flashing a new one into write personal essay high school the ROM , which is a dangerous procedure with the Vs Stevenson.Tort of care, potential to write high school, leave the system in an unrecoverable state if it fails. Third, APM is resume for java developer, a vendor-specific technology, meaning that there is a lot of duplication of efforts and bugs found in one vendor's BIOS may not be solved in others. Lastly, the APM BIOS did not have enough room to implement a sophisticated power policy or one that can adapt well to the purpose of the machine.

The successor to write, APM is the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI ). ACPI is a standard written by an alliance of cover letter developer, vendors to provide an interface for hardware resources and power management. It is a key element in Operating System-directed configuration and Power Management as it provides more control and flexibility to the operating system. This chapter demonstrates how to configure ACPI on FreeBSD. It then offers some tips on how to debug ACPI and how to submit a problem report containing debugging information so that developers can diagnosis and school fix ACPI issues. In FreeBSD the acpi (4) driver is loaded by default at system boot and Case of care should not be compiled into the kernel. This driver cannot be unloaded after boot because the write essay high, system bus uses it for computers good, various hardware interactions. However, if the personal essay high, system is experiencing problems, ACPI can be disabled altogether by rebooting after setting hint.acpi.0.disabled=1 in /boot/loader.conf or by setting this variable at the loader prompt, as described in Section 12.2.3, “Stage Three”. ACPI and APM cannot coexist and should be used separately.

The last one to load will terminate if the driver notices the other is running. ACPI can be used to put the system into a sleep mode with acpiconf , the -s flag, and a number from 1 to 5 . Most users only need 1 (quick suspend to RAM ) or 3 (suspend to RAM ). Option 5 performs a soft-off which is the same as running halt -p . Other options are available using sysctl . Refer to acpi (4) and acpiconf (8) for more information. ACPI is disertation, present in all modern computers that conform to the ia32 (x86), ia64 (Itanium), and amd64 (AMD ) architectures. The full standard has many features including CPU performance management, power planes control, thermal zones, various battery systems, embedded controllers, and bus enumeration. Most systems implement less than the full standard.

For instance, a desktop system usually only implements bus enumeration while a laptop might have cooling and battery management support as well. Laptops also have suspend and resume, with their own associated complexity. An ACPI -compliant system has various components. The BIOS and chipset vendors provide various fixed tables, such as FADT , in memory that specify things like the APIC map (used for SMP ), config registers, and simple configuration values. Additionally, a bytecode table, the Differentiated System Description Table DSDT , specifies a tree-like name space of devices and essay high methods.

The ACPI driver must parse the fixed tables, implement an workers, interpreter for the bytecode, and essay high school modify device drivers and the kernel to accept information from the ACPI subsystem. For FreeBSD, Intel ® has provided an interpreter (ACPI-CA ) that is shared with Linux ® and NetBSD. The path to the ACPI-CA source code is good or bad, src/sys/contrib/dev/acpica . The glue code that allows ACPI-CA to work on FreeBSD is in src/sys/dev/acpica/Osd . Personal Essay School. Finally, drivers that implement various ACPI devices are found in src/sys/dev/acpica . In some cases, resuming from a suspend operation will cause the mouse to fail. A known work around is to add hint.psm.0.flags=0x3000 to /boot/loader.conf . ACPI has three suspend to RAM (STR ) states, S1 - S3 , and one suspend to disk state (STD ), called S4 . Proposal. STD can be implemented in write high school two separate ways. The S4 BIOS is a BIOS -assisted suspend to disk and S4 OS is implemented entirely by the operating system. The normal state the system is in persuasive speech when plugged in personal but not powered up is “ soft off ” ( S5 ).

Use sysctl hw.acpi to check for computers good or bad, the suspend-related items. These example results are from a Thinkpad: Use acpiconf -s to test S3 , S4 , and S5 . An s4bios of one ( 1 ) indicates S4 BIOS support instead of S4 operating system support. When testing suspend/resume, start with S1 , if supported. This state is most likely to work since it does not require much driver support. No one has implemented S2 , which is personal, similar to S1 . Next, try S3 . Essay Advantages Disadvantages. This is the deepest STR state and requires a lot of write personal high, driver support to properly reinitialize the computers good essay, hardware. A common problem with suspend/resume is that many device drivers do not save, restore, or reinitialize their firmware, registers, or device memory properly. As a first attempt at high school debugging the problem, try:

This test emulates the suspend/resume cycle of all device drivers without actually going into S3 state. In some cases, problems such as losing firmware state, device watchdog time out, and retrying forever, can be captured with this method. Disertation Proposal. Note that the system will not really enter S3 state, which means devices may not lose power, and many will work fine even if suspend/resume methods are totally missing, unlike real S3 state. Harder cases require additional hardware, such as a serial port and cable for debugging through a serial console, a Firewire port and cable for using dcons (4) , and kernel debugging skills. To help isolate the problem, unload as many drivers as possible. If it works, narrow down which driver is the write personal essay school, problem by loading drivers until it fails again. Typically, binary drivers like nvidia.ko , display drivers, and USB will have the most problems while Ethernet interfaces usually work fine. If drivers can be properly loaded and study Vs Stevenson.Tort of care unloaded, automate this by putting the appropriate commands in /etc/rc.suspend and /etc/rc.resume . Personal School. Try setting hw.acpi.reset_video to 1 if the workers, display is messed up after resume.

Try setting longer or shorter values for hw.acpi.sleep_delay to see if that helps. Try loading a recent Linux ® distribution to personal essay high, see if suspend/resume works on television, the same hardware. Write Personal. If it works on television disadvantages, Linux ®, it is write personal essay high school, likely a FreeBSD driver problem. Narrowing down which driver causes the problem will assist developers in fixing the problem. Since the ACPI maintainers rarely maintain other drivers, such as sound or ATA , any driver problems should also be posted to persuasive speech, the freebsd-current list and mailed to the driver maintainer. Write Personal Essay High School. Advanced users can include debugging printf (3) s in a problematic driver to track down where in its resume function it hangs. Finally, try disabling ACPI and enabling APM instead. Proposal. If suspend/resume works with APM , stick with APM , especially on older hardware (pre-2000). It took vendors a while to get ACPI support correct and older hardware is more likely to have BIOS problems with ACPI . Most system hangs are a result of lost interrupts or an interrupt storm.

Chipsets may have problems based on boot, how the BIOS configures interrupts before correctness of the APIC (MADT ) table, and routing of the System Control Interrupt (SCI ). Interrupt storms can be distinguished from lost interrupts by checking the output of vmstat -i and looking at the line that has acpi0 . If the counter is increasing at more than a couple per second, there is an interrupt storm. If the system appears hung, try breaking to DDB ( CTRL + ALT + ESC on personal essay school, console) and type show interrupts . When dealing with interrupt problems, try disabling APIC support with hint.apic.0.disabled=1 in /boot/loader.conf . System Powers Up After Suspend or Shutdown. First, try setting hw.acpi.disable_on_poweroff=0 in proposal /boot/loader.conf . This keeps ACPI from disabling various events during the shutdown process. Some systems need this value set to 1 (the default) for personal, the same reason. This usually fixes the problem of resume cover for java developer, a system powering up spontaneously after a suspend or poweroff. BIOS Contains Buggy Bytecode. Some BIOS vendors provide incorrect or buggy bytecode. This is personal essay high, usually manifested by kernel console messages like this: Often, these problems may be resolved by updating the BIOS to the latest revision. Most console messages are harmless, but if there are other problems, like the battery status is not working, these messages are a good place to start looking for resume cover, problems.

The BIOS bytecode, known as ACPI Machine Language (AML ), is compiled from a source language called ACPI Source Language (ASL ). The AML is found in the table known as the Differentiated System Description Table (DSDT ). The goal of FreeBSD is for essay high school, everyone to have working ACPI without any user intervention. Workarounds are still being developed for common mistakes made by BIOS vendors. The Microsoft ® interpreter ( acpi.sys and acpiec.sys ) does not strictly check for adherence to the standard, and thus many BIOS vendors who only test ACPI under Windows ® never fix their ASL . FreeBSD developers continue to identify and document which non-standard behavior is allowed by Case on donoghue of care Microsoft ®'s interpreter and replicate it so that FreeBSD can work without forcing users to fix the ASL . To help identify buggy behavior and possibly fix it manually, a copy can be made of the system's ASL . To copy the system's ASL to a specified file name, use acpidump with -t , to show the contents of the high school, fixed tables, and construction essay -d , to disassemble the personal essay school, AML : Some AML versions assume the user is running Windows ®. On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort. To override this, set hw.acpi.osname= Windows 2009 in /boot/loader.conf , using the most recent Windows ® version listed in the ASL . Other workarounds may require my.asl to be customized. If this file is write personal high, edited, compile the new ASL using the following command. Construction Essay. Warnings can usually be ignored, but errors are bugs that will usually prevent ACPI from working correctly. Including -f forces creation of the AML , even if there are errors during compilation. Some errors, such as missing return statements, are automatically worked around by the FreeBSD interpreter. The default output filename for iasl is DSDT.aml . Load this file instead of the BIOS 's buggy copy, which is still present in flash memory, by editing /boot/loader.conf as follows:

Be sure to copy DSDT.aml to /boot , then reboot the write personal, system. Letter. If this fixes the problem, send a diff (1) of the old and new ASL to freebsd-acpi so that developers can work around the buggy behavior in acpica . 11.13.4. Getting and write personal school Submitting Debugging Info. Debugging output is not enabled by default. To enable it, add options ACPI_DEBUG to the custom kernel configuration file if ACPI is compiled into the kernel. Case On Donoghue Of Negligence,duty. Add ACPI_DEBUG=1 to /etc/make.conf to enable it globally.

If a module is used instead of a custom kernel, recompile just the acpi.ko module as follows: Copy the compiled acpi.ko to /boot/kernel and personal essay high school add the desired level and layer to /boot/loader.conf . The entries in this example enable debug messages for all ACPI components and hardware drivers and output error messages at the least verbose level: If the Case study Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care, required information is triggered by a specific event, such as a suspend and then resume, do not modify /boot/loader.conf . Write Essay High School. Instead, use sysctl to resume cover, specify the layer and level after booting and preparing the system for the specific event. The variables which can be set using sysctl are named the same as the tunables in write school /boot/loader.conf . Once the debugging information is gathered, it can be sent to freebsd-acpi so that it can be used by construction the FreeBSD ACPI maintainers to identify the root cause of the write personal essay, problem and to develop a solution. Before submitting debugging information to this mailing list, ensure the latest BIOS version is installed and, if available, the embedded controller firmware version. When submitting a problem report, include the following information: Description of the buggy behavior, including system type, model, and anything that causes the construction, bug to appear. Write Personal. Note as accurately as possible when the bug began occurring if it is new. The output of dmesg after running boot -v , including any error messages generated by the bug. The dmesg output from boot -v with ACPI disabled, if disabling ACPI helps to fix the problem. Output from sysctl hw.acpi . On Donoghue. This lists which features the system offers.

The URL to a pasted version of the system's ASL . Do not send the ASL directly to the list as it can be very large. Generate a copy of the ASL by running this command: Substitute the personal essay high school, login name for name and workers manufacturer/model for system . For example, use njl-FooCo6000.asl . Most FreeBSD developers watch the FreeBSD-CURRENT mailing list, but one should submit problems to write high school, freebsd-acpi to be sure it is seen. Be patient when waiting for a response. If the bug is not immediately apparent, submit a PR using send-pr (1) . Good. When entering a PR , include the same information as requested above.

This helps developers to write school, track the problem and resolve it. Do not send a PR without emailing freebsd-acpi first as it is Case Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care, likely that the problem has been reported before. More information about ACPI may be found in write personal high the following locations:

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50 Inspiring Resume Designs: And What You Can Learn From Them. Your resume or CV may be one of the most important projects you ever design. It can make or break job applications, open doors to personal essay school, new careers, make a great (or dismal) first impression. When you send out workers essay, your resume, you’re really sending out a piece of yourself. So make sure it’s representing you to write personal essay high school, your best advantage. Just like how you dress your best for an interview, it’s important to give your resume the same treatment — to cover for java developer, make sure it’s polished and presentable. The 50 resume designs below span a wide range of styles, from write personal essay high, strictly businesslike to Case study on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty, ultra creative — browse through them to get some ideas for updating your own resume. Designing your own is easy with our wide collection of beautiful resume templates. Click the image to see more resume templates. Starting off your resume strong with a bold header, like in this design by Shed Labs for Loft Resumes, draws attention to write high, your name and makes it more memorable.

You can also include a few keywords or descriptors under your name that sum up who you are as a candidate. Case On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Negligence,duty Of Care. This chessboard-style layout is write certainly striking, giving each category its own distinct space. But Mikha Makhoul’s resume is still somewhat subdued thanks to the simple black-and-white color scheme; it doesn’t sacrifice professionalism for visual interest. Some well-placed shadows can make your resume pop, literally — giving it a 3D appearance and persuasive legal, creating the illusion of depth. Errol Veloso explains how he chose the colors of personal essay high his design purposefully: blue to symbolize his creative side and red to symbolize his analytic side. Try using shapes and frames for emphasis. Construction Workers. You can experiment with geometric shapes (circles, squares, rectangles), ribbons, or solid or dashed lines.

Here, Michael Long frames his name and his role to school, help them stand out. Proposal. A cohesive color scheme of cool blues and minty hues gives this information-packed, infographic-style resume by Joseph Acena a visual theme and an orderly, coordinated look. Using a horizontal orientation (instead of the traditional vertical format) immediately gives your resume an edge in terms of attracting attention. Essay High. Other strong points of this design by Justin Schueler include a balanced, un-crowded layout and plenty of negative space. On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Negligence,duty. There seems to be a trend, at least in industries where you can take some risks with your resume, to forget the stuffy business lingo and show that there’s a human behind the piece of paper. Write Personal Essay. Using a more conversational tone, as David Elgena has done with his “Hello, nice to meet you. Here’s a little about me” header at on donoghue the top of this resume, may help you create rapport with the person who’s reviewing your application before you even meet them. This resume by Kyle Robertson features a custom crest with Kyle’s name and a catchy tagline.

Creating a distinctive personal brand or style for yourself (such as a personal logo, a color scheme, a nice selection of fonts, etc.) gives your work an extra sheen of professionalism (and an essay school opportunity to show off your abilities). Plus, once you put the essay television advantages, work in, this “brand” is something you can use over and over again — on high school, letterhead, business cards, social media profiles, you name it. For a unique take on traditional resume colors, try light text on disertation, a dark background, as Abdullah Al Mamun has done here. Just make sure that your font is weighty enough to be easily readable and not get lost against write essay school the background. This clean resume by Patrick Rogan uses a bright splash of color and disertation, whittles down the information to only the basics (skills and past positions). Icons in school the skills section provide a visual reference that still complements the simplistic style. Printing your resume on persuasive speech, textured paper can give an impression of quality, craftsmanship, or luxury. If a color other than white seems inappropriate for your industry, try a white or cream-colored paper with a slight texture for write personal school, an ultra-professional, upscale look.

This example by persuasive abortion legal, S.N. Personal Essay High School. Carter, printed on a recycled or kraft-style paper, gives the resume a custom, hand-printed feel. When applying for disertation proposal, a position where a more creative approach isn’t appropriate, it’s always a safe bet to opt for write essay high school, a simple, text-based resume with clean fonts. Here, Frank Schamhart has embellished his resume slightly with minimal use of an accent color and a small personal portrait. Of Care. If you’re after a job in the arts or some other highly visual industry, make your resume a mini portfolio like illustrator Rianti Hidayat has done here. Bradley Brooks keeps his resume businesslike with a classic black-and-white color scheme, but livens things up with a modular layout and a personal logo. Infographic-style resumes have become popular, and write personal school, they can be effective when done well.

But they should be more than a collection of pretty pictures; the computers or bad essay, images should, at a glance, tell something about you and complement or enhance the high, text, like in good this resume design by personal high school, Rachel Winter. If you’re seeking work in an industry where appearance is important, or the proposal, job has asked you to include a portrait, try integrating it into your resume. It doesn’t have to be the write personal essay school, center of attention, though — you can make it a bit more subtle by using a small picture or placing it behind a colored screen, like in Egotype’s resume template. Construction. Mailing out some resumes? Make opening yours up a memorable experience, like Amber Van Mieghem has done with this clever folding resume.

Wishing you could infuse a little creativity into your plain, corporate resume? Try a monogram with your initials, like Bill Mawhinney has done for this resume template. It adds a little style while still keeping the overall presentation very businesslike. You can use the same graphic on personal essay high school, your cover letter to give your application a polished, pulled-together look. If you have some creative leeway in workers essay creating your resume, using a non-rectangular shape will be sure to attract attention, like John Mujica’s round resume does here. If you do format your resume in any unusual shape, just make sure all the write essay school, text is readable. You’ve only got one name. Make it memorable.

If it’s unique, highlight it. Make it big and bold, like Fredrik Andresen did on computers good or bad, his resume. Essay. Give the hiring manager something to zero in on. Your font choices can change the whole character of your resume. For instance, the rounded fonts with soft edges that Louis Omari has used for his resume have a more casual, friendly feel than sharper, serif fonts might have. Need to Case study on donoghue of negligence,duty, show your qualifications on the run? Post your resume online and make it mobile-friendly, like Julien Renvoye has done. You can include your resume on your personal website or even post it to write high school, networking platforms like LinkedIn. Use blocks of color and/or lines to separate different sections of your resume, give it structure, and cover developer, make it easy to navigate visually.

This template from Beautiful Resumes features vibrant colors, but you could just as easily get the same effect with a more subtle color scheme. If you’re going the write essay school, infographic route, think of effective ways that you can use different types of graphs to represent your skills, experience, or background, like Martin Suster did here. Organizing your resume with columns, like this three-column layout Anton Yermolov used, keeps the information tidy, creates clear divisions between sections, and helps you keep everything sharply aligned. Case On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Negligence,duty Of Care. Use a sidebar in your resume to essay high, call attention to disertation proposal, extra (or extra important) information that you want to highlight. Here, Ola Hamdy used a colored sidebar to separate her personal and contact information from her educational and write personal school, professional details. Although this resume design is abortion text-heavy, Gershom Charig mixes things up with a two-color scheme and a word cloud to creatively represent the breadth of personal school his skills and experience. Similar in function to the word cloud above, various sizes of circles represent Silviu Schiau’s proficiency in various areas, such as management and design. The size of the computers or bad, circles corresponds with his amount of experience — a fresh way to illustrate core competencies.

Give the person looking at your resume an excuse to find out more about you. High. Including a link to your website or portfolio (or even a QR code, as Krysten Newby has done here) acts as a good prompt. If your job history includes working for big companies with recognizable logos, feature them on your resume. Tamas Leb has included space to do so on essay disadvantages, this resume template, and it makes an impressive statement, even at personal high school a glance. For creative resumes, a theme can give you a starting point to build a one-of-a-kind design and think about innovative ways to present your information. Here, Peter Kisteman’s laboratory theme makes a strong visual statement and advantages disadvantages, gives his artistic background a scientific, experimental dimension. Putting your resume in write high school a folder or other kind of holder gives you more space to showcase your experience and accomplishments, plus the extra tactile feature makes it memorable, as with this design from S1M.

The vertical timeline on good or bad, the outside offers an immediate visual representation of the high school, candidate’s career history. This traditional black, white, and gray design by Brice Seraphin brightens up quite nicely with some turquoise as an accent. This can be done with any color (and you may want to television disadvantages, tone it down depending on write personal essay, your industry), but vibrant hues have particular impact. Besides being another nice example of using an accent color, this design by Adam Rozmus keeps things clean and simple, showing that resumes don’t have to study on donoghue of care, be fancy to make a good impression. If competition is personal essay stiff, try standing out with a resume package that gives you some space to demonstrate your abilities, develop a personal brand, and include more information than the disertation, limited area of a one-page resume allows for. Personal. Here, Sabrae Precure uses a distinct color scheme and custom illustrations to stand out from the disertation, crowd. Personal High. This resume by Gabriel Valdivia combines a traditional format (the typical positions, dates, and short descriptions) with pictorial elements that provide a more personal touch.

As if to say that a normal paper resume just won’t cut it, Alison Root got clever with her resume presentation, which demonstrates that she thinks outside the good or bad, box. This sample resume from Rahul Chakraborty features bold typography and bright colors for a high-impact look that will make people take notice. There may be times when it’s ok to write high school, let your sense of humor shine through in your resume; it makes you more relatable, more likable. For instance, check out the pronunciation guide Nick Iannuccilli provided for his difficult last name. Using a border is a good way to add a little bit of color to your resume, as Evelien Callens has done here, without worrying about looking unprofessional.

Stylistically, this design is a good compromise between customary and more creative resumes. The two-color, mostly traditional layout uses graphic elements sparingly but purposefully. As a nice touch, Dan Hernandez has branded his cover letter with the same style, which is a smart idea if your job application involves submitting multiple documents. Cover. Sometimes you have to do what you can to get noticed. For an illustrator like Lucia Paul, hand-drawing her resume is both appropriate for her industry and gives her a standout way to display her skills. Big, bold typography, a high-contrast color scheme, and a well-organized presentation all combine to make sure Joao Andrade’s resume gets looked at.

No long-winded explanations of job roles here. Just the essentials — enough to get someone interested in wanting to essay high school, know more about Gianina Santiago and her background. Clean, sans-serif fonts, relatively little text, and persuasive, lots of white space give Maxat Malbekov’s resume a sleek look that’s easy to write personal high school, achieve if you condense your resume down to only the construction workers essay, most relevant information. If you have a lot of information you need to fit on one page, take a tip from this design by Halle Rasco and use easy-to-read fonts and clear headings for each section. Need to keep your resume fairly conservative?

A two-column layout with a businesslike blue-gray accent color gives this otherwise traditional resume from personal, ResumeBaker some extra interest. Syril Bobadilla’s illustrations are whimsical and kid-friendly, and her resume reflects that style. Notice how she also created matching business cards for a cohesive personal brand. Even if your industry doesn’t allow as much creative expression as someone in the arts, you can express your personality in cover for java more subtle ways, like through font choices or an high school accent color. Resumes don’t always have to read from left to right, top to resume for java developer, bottom.

You can play with the layout of your resume to write personal high, make the Case study of care, best and most visually interesting use of the space you have available, like Milena Filipova has done here. Write Personal Essay. You can use a grid structure to organize your resume and Case, make it easier to navigate, similarly to how Orlando Silva designed this template. If applicable, you might also try including some pieces from write high school, your portfolio right on the resume (so your abilities are on display at first glance). As you can see from the examples above, there are many approaches you can take to designing your resume. But no matter what style or format you choose, there are a few things you want to make sure to get right: Readable text Industry-appropriate style (if unsure, play it safe with a conservative design.) Updated and essay, accurate information No spelling/grammar errors. Now it#8217;s your turn. Put these skills into action! Bring great design to write essay, your entire workplace. Janie is resume cover letter developer a freelance writer and graphic designer and the owner of Design Artistree Creative Studio.

After college, she built on write personal school, her background in art to explore design. and loved it. Persuasive. Now, she enjoys finding ways to personal high, combine the craftsmanship of traditional fine arts with the digital possibilities of graphic design. Design The Perfect Google+ Banner Image With Tips And E. 50 Unique and Engaging About Us Pages to Inspire You. These Are Some of television The Most Beautiful Album Covers We#8. High School. Graphic Design From Around the World: Spanish Design. 60 Free Outline Icon Sets Perfect for Contemporary Desi. 60 Free Fonts for Minimalist Designs. Disertation Proposal. 50 Free Headline Fonts Built For Impact And Audience En. Essay High School. 50 Beautiful Free Wallpapers For Creatives [2015 Editio. 50 Design Terms Explained Simply For Non-Designers.

The 30 Best Free Social Media Icon Sets of 2015. 100 Brilliant Color Combinations and How to Apply Them . Proposal. Free Icons: 49 Best Sites To Find Beautiful And Useful . 60 Awesome Free Tools To Create A Visual Marketing Camp. Free Stock Photos: 73 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free I. You're almost there! You’ll receive an email soon to confirm your subscription. Empowering the personal essay school, world to design. Get your dream job!

Design a resume to impress using Canva#8217;s amazingly simple drag-and-drop design tool.

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Free Essays on high, Craze Of Mobile Phones. The Effect Of Mobile Phones On Society There are many reasons why people own and use mobile phones ; they are a big part of television advantages, society today, so much so that as a mobile phone owner myself, it is difficult to imagine what life would be like without one. Presently there are over sixty million people world. PressReleasePing Phone Doctor Plus Launches 27 Function Tests to Help Users Avoid Defective iPhone6 ? Limited Time Free on 9/17 ? Complete 27 diagnostic check in just 8 minutes ? Top1 Utility app in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Macau ? Test screen and personal high school, audio, internal sensors and speech, devices and essay high school, wireless. to deploy a Mobile Marketing campaign in disadvantages order to write high school fully engage and study, reach it costumers. Looking at write Adidas mobile marketing campaign this paper tries to persuasive speech abortion analyze and pinpoint major problem areas and write essay high, issues. SWOT Analysis Strengths • The campaign is benefiting from the world cup craze that accompanies. Mobile Commerce Emergence of Mobile Commerce in Developing Countries Helen U. Eno INFO 5303-02: Info Tech and the Future Oklahoma Christian University Dr. Letter For Java Developer? Kimberly Merritt September 26, 2011 Introduction Mobile Commerce or M-commerce.

Cell Phones in American Society By: Nick Levatino Cell phones are a key essential for almost everybody today living in the twenty first century. School? Cell phones have effected American society in many positive ways, but also many negative ways. Cell phones and its industry has. With the seemingly free phone plans that are marketed nowadays, a buyer is persuasive speech abortion legal able to afford a wider variety of smartphones. The decision to be “married” to a phone is essay high actually (sad to say) a life-pondering question “What phone defines me as a person?” or “What sort of a phone should I use that will help. Mobile Phones - Some Points to Ponder. MOBILE PHONES 1. Television Advantages Disadvantages? We can not deny the role of telecommunications in our life. Essay High? 2. Nowadays we live in communication era, when information is the key and engine of progress. 3. Our society needs perfect means of information exchange that is why all types of cover letter developer, telecommunication are under the permanent.

Penetration or Growth of Mobile Marketing in India. Penetration or Growth of Mobile Marketing in essay school India. In the last 3 years, mobile has become the resume for java developer greatest media for write high, communication in computers or bad essay India. Marketers are utilizing this to promote their service using mobile . Personal? Mobile advertising is a form of advertising where marketers target mobile users for marketing of. Mobile Image Sensor Market in China 2014-2018. ? Mobile Image Sensor Market in China 2014-2018 Image sensing technology is used in cameras, camcorders, and all types of advantages, imaging devices. Image sensors are devices that are used for essay high school, the conversion of an image into an electronic signal in good or bad essay mobile devices. High? Before the digital era, analog image sensors. ? Mobile phones , advantage or disadvantage?

In recent years, the world has witnessed a booming number of study on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care, mobile phones . They are dramatically changing the way people contact to each other. It is apparent that mobile phones has had a profound influence on personal lives. Write Personal Essay School? Mobile phones are nowadays an. Almost everybody has a mobile phone . But is it a great invention? I think there are both advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is that you can get connected with people around the world wherever you are. Secondly, you can use it as to track your personal agenda, you can save your appointments. How Mobile technology adopts to us or is it us who adopt to technology?

What else can we expect from it. How Mobile technology adopts to us or is it us who adopt to technology? What else can we expect from Case study Vs Stevenson.Tort, it In 2015 according to “The World Bank” more than 75% of the write high world’s population have access to a mobile phone (7 billion people). Advantages? The Second World War made military use. today: it is going to be about “ CRAZES ”. A Craze is personal essay school a product, an idea, or a cultural movement, that becomes popular among a small group of people, then quickly becomes popular everywhere. There are so many examples of CRAZES : In the essay 1960s there were the crazes : Being a hippie, The Beatles. Nokia Mobile Phone Secrets, Codes and Technical Information. Nokia Mobile Phone secrets, codes and technical information.

1. Code *3370# -Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced my approx 5%. #3370# -Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR). 2. *#4720# -Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone. ------------- Eng. 1100-020 ------------- Nov 09, 2010 Cell Phones = Cancer? You may have heard on the news or even from your own mother that holding your cell phone too close to your head or using it too much will cause brain damage. Can such a small device really cause such harsh damage to essay high school someone’s. Dolcourt November 16, 2013 12:00 AM PST Bought off-contract, Google's Nexus 5 offers tremendous value. For about as long as there have been cell phones , US carriers have had a stranglehold over the purchasing experience. The two-year contract has reigned supreme here in the States, with providers heavily. THE CHANGE OF DESIGN CONCEPT IN MOBILE PHONE INDUSTRY.

fall2015 Professor Rosemary Kauffman Ruoyu Sun THE CHANGE OF DESIGN CONCEPT IN MOBILE PHONE INDUSTRY SECOND DRAFT This paper discusses the last ten years in Chinese and American markets, the design strategy of mobile phone shifted from a single way to a diversified pattern because the change of . Mobile Phones - the New Medium of Communication. to communicate. Then in the 1970s, the workers cellular phone was invented. It brought many advantages into our lives. However, although cell phones brought many benefits into our lives, they also have disadvantages. Write? The most important advantage of cell phones is that they can be used almost everywhere without.

Mobile phones are a piece of technology which develops quickly and is unstoppable. Mobile phones are getting more important for computers good, our daily life. In recent years they have more and more abilities to manage everything what we need to do. For example, when we need to essay high find an adress our smart mobile phone. Samsung smart mobile phone and its success in the new business trends Enc4313 Professor Barletta Keiser University JAN 12 Abstract With the globalization of business and the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone , Mobile phone companies. ?Future of study of care, Mobile Marketing and write essay high, Advertising in India With the growth of proposal, Indian mobile market, the personal essay high school mobile internet advertising segment has also seen a significant augmentation. With an increase in the number of feature phone and smartphone users, there is an upsurge in the mobile internet usage by the. iPod Craze ! For: Vincent Buyer Behavior Marketing 400 By: Nic iPod Craze How music has been stored played and carried has changed a great deal over the last couple of decades. Most recently it has come down to speech miniature hard drives that we hold in our pockets, or bags.

These are called. Mobile phone good or evil Mobile phone’s are not just a substitute of the traditional red phone box seen on the streets, it has many functions and write essay, tools such as radio, video, games, and music downloads, Sat. NAV and loads more. The mobile phone has become a life support for many people. Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile Phone. Increasing Mobile Phone Use Mobile phone is a good technology which is lacking from our lives. As the manager of Institute of resume cover letter developer, Occupational Safety and essay, Health, I will discuss about the advantage and disadvantage of using mobile phone . In recent years, the world has witnessed a booming number of mobile phones. ,.Article citation: Richard Boateng, (2011) Mobile phones and micro-trading activities – conceptualizing the link, info, Vol.

13 Iss: 5, pp.48 – 62 The Authors Richard Boateng, Visiting Lecturer at television advantages the University of Ghana Business School, Legon, Ghana, and Founder and Executive Director of write high school, PearlRichards. Mobile Security MIS IT MIS Fundamentals Table of Contents • • • • What is Mobile Security and Why Worry About It? Security Threats for persuasive speech legal, Mobile Devices. IT Concerns with Mobile Security Threats. Write Personal Essay High School? Three Mobile Security Threats. Television Advantages? – Mobile Malware – Data Leakage – Device Loss • Gartner’s. Prior to personal school 1973, mobile telephony was limited to phones installed in cars and other vehicles. Motorola was the first company to produce a handheld mobile phone . On 3 April 1973, Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, made the first mobile telephone call from handheld subscriber equipment. China Mobile Phone Display Industry 2014-2015 - Global Market size, share, trend and forecast. on Global and China Mobile Phone Display Industry Report, 2014­2015 focuses on construction, the following: Overview of TFT­LCD TFT­LCD industry chain LCD market and industry Mobile phone display market and industry 14 major mobile phone display companies To Browse a Full Report with Toc: http://www. Worldwide Major Mobile Phone Vendor Performance and Market 2014 - Global market size, share, trend and growth. This research report presents worldwide mobile phone shipment volume forecast and write personal essay high school, recent quarter review of major mobile phone vendor performance.

The report includes major vendors' shipment volume, shipment growth trends, shipment revenue and revenue growth trends, operating profit margin and ASP, along. Before the legal devices that are now referred to as mobile phones existed, there were some precursors. In 1908 a Professor Albert Jahnke and the Oakland Transcontinental Aerial Telephone and Power Company claimed to have developed a wireless telephone. High School? They were accused of fraud and the charge was then dropped. possible* Dangers of RF*R Cellular phones are considered by the majority of the population as an essential part of modern daily life, from the businessperson who uses the mobile phone as a vital link with the office, to the teenager who has the phone for recreational use.

What many people don’t. ?Using Mobile Phones Outline Introduction: Introduction about using mobile phones in study on donoghue of negligence,duty the present Thesis: Using mobile phones in the present is a popular for all ages and there are many advantages to user. I. Argument or reason to support - Mobile phones is convenient. Pros and Cons of cell phones in Teens. Mobile phones , advantage or disadvantage?

In recent years, the world has witnessed a booming number of mobile phones . They are dramatically changing the way people contact to each other. It is apparent that mobile phones has had a profound influence on personal lives. Mobile phones are nowadays an write personal essay high, established. Report: Study of computers, Mobile Phone Addiction and Usage Behavior Among Youths. REPORT: STUDY OF MOBILE PHONE ADDICTION AND USAGE BEHAVIOR AMONG YOUTHS Name: Tang Hua 1124070 Lecturer: Song Haiyan Submission Date: 1 April 2013 Abstract The purpose of this report is to investigate the personal essay mobile phone addiction and usage behaviors focused on young users. Outline : INTRODUCTION I. MOBILE BANKING HISTORY A. Beginnings B. Statistics C. In Saudi Arabia II.

FACTORS WITH POSITIVE AFFECTS A. Growth of cell phone users B. Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Negligence,duty Of Care? Advanced technology C. Convenience III. FACTORS WITH NEGATIVE AFFECTS A. Write Personal High? Trust B. Mobile Service Failure IV. BENEFITS. technology has become the resume cover letter craze of today’s America and absorbed many of the desires of personal, its citizens. Although there are too many technological advances to discuss in disertation proposal 500 words, the most commonly used in my life and many American’s lives are the culminant computer and the precocious cell phone . The computer has. marketing. Mobile marketing means marketing a product or a brand using a mobile device. Marketing on write high school, mobile began with SMS (short message service) in 2000 from Europe and computers or bad essay, some parts of Asia, when mobile phone became famous and mobile numbers found place in business databases. Write Personal Essay School? With the release of mobile short. Global Mobile Payment Market - Analysis and Applications Forecast, 2014 – 2020. report on “Global Mobile Payment Market - Analysis and Applications Forecast, 2014 – 2020”.

The key components of this market involve first and foremost, the banks. Their increased role in advancing technological accessibility of customers is evident in the form of mobile banking. Mobile payments refer. Health FROM: Name, Manager of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health DATE: 1 July 2013 SUBJECT: Report on computers essay, mobile phones – problems, benefits and solutions INTRODUCTION Mobile phones have become one of the greatest achievements of technology in today’s world. It helps to write personal school create an workers essay, informative. Mobile Phone Accessories Market - Global Size, Trends, Industry Analysis, and write personal high school, Forecast, 2014 - 2020. Mobile phone accessories are accessories that complement the performance, maintenance and features of disertation, mobile handsets.These include earphones, bluetooth headsets, portable travel chargers, protective covers and write high, screen guards. Mobile phone accessories represent a moderate volume and abortion legal, high growth market.

How Do Mobile Phones Affect Our Lives? Mobile phones have become a necessity for life, and without this thin gadget, many people would feel incomplete. Write Personal Essay High? We now use mobile phones in our everyday life as a phone , voice recorder, diary, alarm clock, watch and for making and confirming appointments, dealing with clients etc. Mobile phones are. The History and Evolution of Cell Phone.

of the early cell phones were considered to be “car phones ,” as they were too large and cumbersome to carry around in proposal a pocket or purse. However, in 1983, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x arrived on write essay, the market. Though huge by today’s standards, it was considered the first truly mobile phone because it was small. Impact of disertation proposal, Mobile Communication in Nigeria. Impact of Mobile Communication In Nigeria Information Technology Academy Rivers State University of Science Technology By Prosper Njoku C. (ITA/2012/111984) January 2014 Table of Content Title Page Table of Content Abstract Chapter One Chapter Two Introduction To Mobile Communication History. Mobile Phone – Friend or Foe? Mobile phones are a mixed blessing for many of us. While some of us may miss the days of going out in write personal high school public without hearing phones ringing all around us, most people do not miss being stranded on the side of the road with no way to computers or bad essay call for essay high school, help.

The allure of having a. Cell Phones- Advantages and Disadvantages. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF MOBILE PHONES ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF MOBILE PHONES Mobile phones are used all over the world for different purposes. In this essay, we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones . Dr Martin Cooper is considered the abortion legal inventor. Are We Making the personal essay school Use of advantages disadvantages, Mobiles an Addiction for Us? These days, mobiles have become a part of our life.

They are seen everywhere. Write Essay High? They are with everyone and at every corner. Earlier, its prices were high. But now days, due to vast competition among different companies, it has become quite cheap and very common. As we know that on one hand, if we have. Future Trend Of Global Mobile Phone Financial Applications Market 2009-2019. 2015 Mobile Phone Financial Applications Industry Report - Global and persuasive speech legal, Chinese Market Scenario is a professional and personal essay high school, in-depth market survey on resume cover letter for java, Global and Chinese Mobile Phone Financial Applications industry. The report firstly reviews the basic information of write personal essay high school, Mobile Phone Financial Applications including. Cloud Mobiles Since 1994 DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Of Cloud Mobiles Submitted by: Tajwer alam Submitted to: Mrs.

Amina Date: 06-03-2015 About the company Cloud mobiles are an android smart phone company. we know as mobile phones . The immense popularity and the large fan following that this device enjoys has made it a significant invention of the 21st century. The impact of disertation, mobile phones is write essay high school discernible in advantages disadvantages anywhere. A majority of the population around the world is powered with a cellular phone that has completed. ?ASSIGNMENT 7 Mobiles in write school developing countries I choose “ Mobiles in developing countries” to my topic because this subject is totally unfamiliar to speech me but it seemed interesting. Write High? Nowadays almost everyone has mobiles and the rest of the people will probably have soon, too. Proposal? (Rusila 5/2013) The users. Discursive Passage on a Mobile Phone, a Blessing or a Curse. Mobile phones are a fairly new invention.

About twelve to write personal essay high school fifteen years ago they were just beginning to come into disertation, the market. Essay High School? The first models were big and bulky. Good Or Bad Essay? They resembled home phones , the new amazing feature being its mobility. It was the wireless phone that was all the essay school rage. James Bond sported. differentiation 6 4.4 Competitor Prices 6 4.5 Economies of scale 7 5. T mobile Performance 7 6. Conclusion 8 References 9 Executive Summary T- Mobile is the mobile arm of Deutsche Telekom and resume letter for java, is one of the largest mobile operating groups, particularly across Central and personal essay high, Eastern Europe. In the. What Does it Do? Mobile Commerce or otherise known as m-Commerce is the speech abortion legal ability to conduct business using a mobile device, such as a cell phone , pda, or smartphone.

It is the merging of cell phone technology with IT, to provide users with fast up to date information and personal high school, ability to perform functions such. Related Literature for essay television advantages, Cell Phones. productivity. Cellular phone or cell phone is write personal essay one of the computers good essay mostly used devices in this era to communicate in each other from personal essay, one place to another. Cell phones are much more than portable telephone – according to TIMES for construction workers, kids ALAMANAC 2011. Depending on the model you use, a cell phone can do many tasks, including. Global Green and Recycled Mobile Phone Market 2014-2018.

?Global Green and Recycled Mobile Phone Market 2014-2018 Recycling or reusing cell phones helps to save energy, conserve natural resources, and keep reusable materials out of landfills, thereby helping to reduce pollution and protect the environment. Mobile phones contain a large number of chemicals. Samsung Mobile Company in Terms of Economics. produce today’s mobile phones . Since mobile phone industry has been getting bigger and verified, it’s necessary to compete with other rival firms such as Nokia, Apple, Motorola and write essay high school, so on. Construction Workers Essay? Especially Nokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, has threatened Samsung mobile phone as a competitor.

Argumentative Essay Have you got a mobile telephone? The utilization of mobile telephones is so prevalent in Hong Kong that numerous people possess one or even more of them. Most people think that it is useful, convenient and essay school, timesaving. However, do we realize that mobile telephone is the most annoying. Mobile the 7th Mass Media is to internet like TV is to radio UPDATE MAY 2008 - there is persuasive abortion a strongly updated and revised major article about the personal high school 7th Mass Media, entitled Deeper Insights into 7th Mass Media. You might want to read that first. Mobile as the 7th mass media is as much superior to disertation the.

Emily Randall INF 111 M Personal Mobile Devices This is an personal essay, interesting report to do because I know my current needs will change in a few years. Right now I only have a cell phone . While my Nokia does have e-mail and Internet access I don’t use those functions. I barely use the persuasive abortion legal camera. I am taking.

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“Crisis” Does NOT Equal “Danger” Plus “Opportunity” There is a widespread public misperception, particularly among the New Age sector, that the essay Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of elements that signify “danger” and “opportunity.” I first encountered this curious specimen of alleged oriental wisdom about ten years ago at an altitude of 35,000 feet sitting next to an American executive. He was intently studying a bound volume that had adopted this notorious formulation as the basic premise of its method for making increased profits even when the persuasive speech abortion market is falling. At that moment, I didn't have the heart to disappoint my gullible neighbor who was blissfully imbibing what he assumed were the gems of Far Eastern sagacity enshrined within the pages of his workbook. Essay High! Now, however, the damage from this kind of pseudo-profundity has reached such gross proportions that I feel obliged, as a responsible Sinologist, to persuasive speech abortion, take counteraction.

A whole industry of pundits and personal essay high school therapists has grown up around this one grossly inaccurate statement. Construction Workers! A casual search of the personal school Web turns up more than a million references to this spurious proverb. It appears, often complete with Chinese characters, on speech abortion legal, the covers of books, on advertisements for seminars, on expensive courses for “thinking outside of the personal high box,” and practically everywhere one turns in the world of quick-buck business, pop psychology, and orientalist hocus-pocus. This catchy expression (Crisis = Danger + Opportunity) has rapidly become nearly as ubiquitous as The Tao of Pooh and Sun Zi's Art of War for the Board / Bed / Bath / Whichever Room. The explication of the resume letter for java developer Chinese word for crisis as made up of two components signifying danger and school opportunity is disertation proposal due partly to write essay school, wishful thinking, but mainly to a fundamental misunderstanding about how terms are formed in Mandarin and other Sinitic languages.

For example, one of the most popular websites centered on this mistaken notion about the or bad Chinese word for crisis explains: “The top part of the Chinese Ideogram for 'Crisis' is the symbol for write personal high school 'Danger': The bottom symbol represents 'Opportunity'.” Among the most egregious of the radical errors in this statement is the use of the exotic term “Ideogram” to refer to Chinese characters. Speech Abortion Legal! Linguists and writing theorists avoid “ideogram” as a descriptive referent for personal hanzi (Mandarin) / kanji (Japanese) / hanja (Korean) because only an exceedingly small proportion of them actually convey ideas directly through their shapes. (For similar reasons, the same caveat holds for legal another frequently encountered label, pictogram.) It is far better to refer to the hanzi / kanji / hanja as logographs, sinographs, hanograms, tetragraphs (from their square shapes [i.e., as fangkuaizi ]), morphosyllabographs, etc., or since most of those renditions may strike the average reader as unduly arcane or clunky simply as characters. The second misconception in this formulation is that the author seems to take the Chinese word for crisis as a single graph, referring to it as “the Chinese Ideogram for 'crisis'.” Like most Mandarin words, that for “crisis” ( w#275;ij#299; ) consists of two syllables that are written with two separate characters, w#275;i (#21361;) and j#299; (#27231;/#26426;). Chinese character w#275;i. Chinese character j#299; (in traditional form)

Chinese character w#275;i. Chinese character j#299; (in simplified form) The third, and fatal, misapprehension is the author's definition of school, j#299; as “opportunity.” While it is true that w#275;ij#299; does indeed mean “crisis” and that the w#275;i syllable of cover developer, w#275;ij#299; does convey the notion of “danger,” the j#299; syllable of w#275;ij#299; most definitely does not signify “opportunity.” Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines “opportunity” as: a favorable juncture of circumstances; a good chance for advancement or progress. While that may be what our Pollyanaish advocates of “crisis” as “danger” plus “opportunity” desire j#299; to signify, it means something altogether different. The j#299; of w#275;ij#299; , in fact, means something like “incipient moment; crucial point (when something begins or changes).” Thus, a w#275;ij#299; is write personal essay school indeed a genuine crisis, a dangerous moment, a time when things start to go awry. A w#275;ij#299; indicates a perilous situation when one should be especially wary. It is not a juncture when one goes looking for advantages and benefits. In a crisis, one wants above all to save one's skin and resume neck!

Any would-be guru who advocates opportunism in the face of write personal essay school, crisis should be run out of town on a rail, for proposal his / her advice will only compound the danger of the write personal essay school crisis. For those who have staked their hopes and workers careers on the CRISIS = DANGER + OPPORTUNITY formula and personal essay high are loath to abandon their fervent belief in j#299; as signifying “opportunity,” it is essential to list some of the primary meanings of the proposal graph in question. Aside from the notion of “incipient moment” or “crucial point” discussed above, the graph for j#299; by itself indicates “quick-witted(ness); resourceful(ness)” and “machine; device.” In combination with other graphs, however, j#299; can acquire hundreds of secondary meanings. Write High School! It is absolutely crucial to observe that j#299; possesses these secondary meanings only in the multisyllabic terms into which it enters. To be specific in disertation the matter under investigation, j#299; added to huì (“occasion”) creates the high school Mandarin word for “opportunity” ( j#299;huì ), but by persuasive abortion, itself j#299; does not mean “opportunity.” A w#275;ij#299; in Chinese is every bit as fearsome as a crisis in English. A j#299;huì in write school Chinese is just as welcome as an opportunity to most folks in America. To confuse a w#275;ij#299; with a j#299;huì is as foolish as to cover developer, insist that a crisis is the best time to personal high school, go looking for benefits. If one wishes to wax philosophical about the j#299; of w#275;ij#299; , one might elaborate upon it as the dynamic of a situation's unfolding, when many elements are at play.

In this sense, j#299; is neutral. This j#299; can either turn out for better or for workers essay worse, but when coupled with w#275;i the possibility of personal essay high, a highly undesirable outcome (whether in life, disease, finance, or war) is uppermost in the mind of the person who invokes this potent term. For those who are still mystified by the morphological (i.e., word-building) procedures of Sinitic languages, it might be helpful to Case study Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty, provide a parallel case from essay high school English. An airplane is essay a machine that has the capability of flying through the air, but that does not imply that “air” by itself means airplane or that “plane” alone originally signified airplane. (The word “plane” has only come to mean “airplane” when it functions as a shortened form of the latter word.) The first element of the word airplane, like the first element of w#275;ij#299; , presents no real problems: it is the write personal stuff that makes up our earth's atmosphere. The second element, however, like the workers second element of personal essay high school, w#275;ij#299; , is much trickier. There are at least half a dozen different monosyllabic words in persuasive abortion English spelled “plane.” While most of these words are derived from a Latin root meaning “flat” or “level,” they each convey quite different meanings. The “plane” of “airplane” is said to be cognate with the write word “planet,” which derives from a Greek word that means “wandering.” A planet is a heavenly body that wanders through space, and an airplane is a machine that wanders through the air. As Gertrude Stein might have said, “An airplane is an airplane is an airplane.” Neither “air” nor “plane” means “airplane”; only “airplane” means “airplane” - except when “plane” is being used as an abbreviation for “airplane”! Likewise, neither w#275;i nor j#299; means w#275;ij#299; ; only w#275;ij#299; means w#275;ij#299; . These are illustrations of the basic principles of word formation that are common to resume cover, all languages. When etymological components enter into words, they take on the semantic coloring of their new environment and must be considered in that context. As a matter of fact, the word “airplane” has a contested etymology (I follow Webster’s Third International), with some authorities believing that it derives from “air” + the apparent feminine of personal school, French plan (“flat, level”).

Even with this latter etymon, however, we must recognize that “airplane” does not mean “a flat surface in the air,” but rather it signifies a heavier than air flying machine. That is to say, when entering into a word consisting of two or more morphemes, the constituent elements take on special meanings depending upon their new, overall environment. In “airplane,” the advantages second element no longer means merely “wander” or “flat” — depending upon which etymology you favor. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to offer another example from English that is closer to write high, our Chinese word w#275;ij#299; (“crisis”). Let’s take the persuasive speech legal –ity component of “opportunity,” “calamity” (“calamity” has a complicated etymology; see the Oxford English Dictionary, Barnhart, etc.), “felicity,” “cordiality,” “hostility,” and so forth. This –ity is a suffix that is used to form abstract nouns expressing state, quality, or condition.

The words that it helps to form have a vast range of meanings, some of which are completely contradictory. Similarly the write school –j#299; of w#275;ij#299; by itself does not mean the same thing as w#275;ij#299; (“crisis”), j#299;hui (“opportunity”), and so forth. The signification of j#299; changes according to the environment in which it occurs. The construction of w#275;ij#299; merits further investigation. Disertation! The nature of this troublesome word will be much better understood if it is pointed out that, in personal school Mandarin morphology, morphemes are divided into “bound” and construction workers “free” types. “Bound” morphemes can only occur in combination with other morphemes, whereas “free” morphemes can occur individually.

It just so happens that, in the real world of Mandarin word formation, wei and ji are both bound morphemes. Write Essay High! They cannot occur independently. Workers! Just as the syllable/morphemes cri- and -sis that go together to make up the English word “crisis” cannot exist independently in write an English sentence, so too w#275;i and j#299; cannot exist by themselves in cover letter developer a Mandarin sentence. Write High School! They can only speech abortion legal, occur when combined with other word-forming elements, hence f#275;ij#299; (“airplane”), j#299;hui (“chance, opportunity”), w#275;ixi#462;n (“danger”), w#275;ij#299; (“crisis”), and so forth. Now let us look at the morphology of the word “crisis” itself, bearing in mind that it derives from Greek ??#943;??? ( krisis ) “crisis”); the-si-s (“act of putting [down]” “thesis”); ap-he-si-s (“act of personal high, letting go” “aphesis” – apo [“off, away”]). Greek -si- is cognate with Sanskrit -ti- . Greek -sis endings are nominal and productive (i.e., they can be added to roots to produce new nouns quite readily), and are often used to make abstractions, usually from verbs. If one wants to construction, find a word containing the element j#299; that means “opportunity” (i.e., a favorable juncture of circumstances, or a good chance for advancement), one needs to look elsewhere than w#275;ij#299; , which means precisely “crisis” (viz., a dangerous, critical moment). High School! One might choose, for instance, zhu#462;nj#299; (“turn” + “incipient moment” = “favorable turn; turn for the better”), liángj#299; (“excellent” + “incipient moment” = “opportunity” [!!]), or h#462;o shíj#299; (“good” + “time” + “incipient moment” = “favorable opportunity”). Those who purvey the doctrine that the cover developer Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of elements meaning “danger” and personal essay high school “opportunity” are engaging in disertation a type of write high, muddled thinking that is a danger to society, for it lulls people into welcoming crises as unstable situations from which they can benefit. Adopting a feel-good attitude toward adversity may not be the most rational, realistic approach to proposal, its solution. Finally, to write personal essay high, those who would persist in disseminating the proposal potentially perilous, fundamentally fallacious theory that “crisis” = “danger” + “opportunity,” please don't blame it on Chinese!

Pertinent observations for those who are more advanced in Chinese language studies. The word “crisis” enters the English language around 1425 with the meaning of high, “turning point in a disease,” in workers essay a translation of Chauliac’s Grande Chirurgie (Major Surgery). It was borrowed from Latin crisis , which in turn comes from Greek krisis (“a separating, distinguishing, discrimination, decision, judgement”), from krinein (“separate, decide, judge”). Chauliac’s first translation gives it as Old French crise , while the second translation has Latin crisis . The sense of “decisive moment” is essay first recorded in English in 1627 as a figurative extension of the original medical meaning. In Latin, crisis signified: 1. a (literary) judgement, 2. Speech Abortion! a critical stage in one’s life; climacteric. Since, in the Hippocratic-Galenic medical literature, “crisis” signified “a turning point in a disease; sudden change for personal essay high better or worse,” this old Greek usage would be somewhat better positioned to essay television advantages, serve as a justification for write essay high school the “danger + opportunity” meme than does Chinese w#275;ij#299; , which is, from the very beginning, always something worrisome and unwanted. The earliest occurrences of the Chinese expression w#275;ij#299; occur in the 3rd century A.D., at which time, and for centuries thereafter, they convey the notion of “latent danger.” It was not until the late 19th and early 20th centuries that w#275;ij#299; came to mean “crisis,” as in “financial crisis,” “economic crisis,” and so on. How did this happen? It was almost certainly the result of matching up the old Chinese word w#275;ij#299; (“latent danger”) with the Western concept of persuasive abortion legal, “crisis,” and carried out through the intermediary of Japanese, where it is pronounced kiki . Write Personal High! This would make it another of the hundreds of modern Chinese terms that I refer to as “round-trip words” (see Sino-Platonic Papers , 34 [October, 1992]). Many coinages that made it into twentieth-century báihuà (vernacular Mandarin) are based on traditional uses of good, words. That is to say, new compounds using j#299; draw on write essay high school, traditional uses of cover letter for java developer, j#299; . There is no traditional use of j#299; that means “opportunity” per se.

J#299;huì is write personal essay high a neologism coined to translate the construction essay English word “opportunity.” To say that j#299; means “opportunity” is like saying that the z#333;ng of z#333;ngjiào means “religion” (N.B.: jiào here means “doctrine, teaching”). Z#333;ng traditionally means a line of orthodox transmission, or a clan lineage. It is anachronistic to say that z#333;ng by itself means “religion.” For numerous examples of such calques and neologisms, many (such as those for “economics” and “society”) involving an initial borrowing into Japanese, and then a reborrowing into write personal Chinese with a completely new, Westernized meaning, see Victor H. Mair, “East Asian Round-Trip Words,” Sino-Platonic Papers , 34 (October 1992). Traditional senses of j#299; include: mechanism, inner workings (and by extension secrecy), germinal principle, pivotal juncture, crux, or a witty turn of construction essay, thought.

This is the essay same j#299; that was used in the coinage y#466;uj#299; (organic), but we can hardly say that j#299; in study Vs Stevenson.Tort and of itself means “organic.” As examples of personal essay school, recent coinages using j#299; in essay television disadvantages innovative ways, we may cite j#299;zhì , which means “mechanism” or “machine-processed / produced.” There's also another j#299;zhì meaning “quick-witted” where the zhì syllable is write written with a different character than the zhì syllable of the j#299;zhì meaning “mechanism.” The latter j#299;zhì is based on the same sense of j#299; which is used in the expression d#462; Chánj#299; to employ the gnomic, witty language of Chan (Zen) Buddhist teaching stories. If anyone is truly interested in sharpening his or her mind to meet the crises of the future, engagement with this kind of challenging wisdom might be a good place to on donoghue, begin. Professor of Chinese Language and Literature. Department of East Asian Languages and personal high Civilizations.