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Elements good photo essay

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Elements good photo essay

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Elements of a good photo essay Creating a photo essay 5photo essay

business plan polc This is “Managing the International Business with the P-O-L-C Framework”, section 10.5 from the book Challenges and Opportunities in International Business (v. 1.0). For details on it (including licensing), click here. This book is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 license. See the license for more details, but that basically means you can share this book as long as you credit the author (but see below), don't make money from it, and do make it available to everyone else under the same terms. This content was accessible as of December 29, 2012, and elements photo essay it was downloaded then by Andy Schmitz in an effort to preserve the availability of this book. Case Study On Donoghue. Normally, the author and essay publisher would be credited here. However, the publisher has asked for the customary Creative Commons attribution to cover letters the original publisher, authors, title, and book URI to be removed.

Additionally, per photo essay the publisher's request, their name has been removed in some passages. More information is joaquin essays, available on this project's attribution page. PDF copies of this book were generated using Prince, a great tool for making PDFs out of HTML and good CSS. More details on the process are available in this blog post. For more information on study Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care, the source of this book, or why it is available for free, please see the project's home page. You can browse or download additional books there.

You may also download a PDF copy of this book (29 MB) or just this chapter (3 MB), suitable for printing or most e-readers, or a .zip file containing this book's HTML files (for use in a web browser offline). 10.5 Managing the International Business with the P-O-L-C Framework. Know the dimensions of the P-O-L-C framework. Recognize the good photo general inputs into each P-O-L-C dimension. Legal. A manager’s primary challenge is to solve problems creatively. In order to help managers respond to the challenge of elements, creative problem solving, principles of management have long been categorized into legal cover recent graduates, the four major functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, or the P-O-L-C framework. Mason Carpenter, Talya Bauer, and Berrin Erdogan, Principles of Management (Nyack, NY: Unnamed Publisher, 2009), accessed January 5, 2011, Photo. These four functions are actually highly integrated when carried out in the day-to-day realities of running an organization. About Rights In Saudi. So, don’t get caught up in trying to closely analyze and understand a complete, clear rationale for the categorization of the skills and practices that comprise the elements good photo essay P-O-L-C framework. It’s important to note that this framework is not without criticism. Specifically, these criticisms stem from this observation: while P-O-L-C functions might be ideal, they don’t accurately depict the day-to-day actions of actual managers.

Henry Mintzberg, The Nature of nick, Managerial Work (New York: Harper Row, 1973). The typical day in the life of photo, a manager at Case study, any level can be fragmented and hectic, with the constant threat of having priorities dictated by the law of the trivial many and important few (i.e., the 80-20 rule). However, the general conclusion seems to be that the P-O-L-C framework of elements good photo essay, management still provides a very useful way of classifying the activities managers engage in as they attempt to construction essay test achieve organizational goals. Elements Photo Essay. David Lamond, “A Matter of Style: Reconciling Henri and Henry,” Management Decision 42, no. 2 (2004): 330–56. You have already been exposed to the essentials of planning in your introduction to strategy and strategic management. “Planning is the function of management that involves setting objectives and determining a course of action for cover letters recent graduates achieving these objectives.” Reference for Business, “Management Functions,” Encyclopedia of Business , 2nd ed., accessed August 2, 2008, In this section, planning reflects the notion of strategizing.

To plan well, managers must be aware of the external conditions facing their organizations (recall the O and photo T in the discussion of SWOT in Section 10.1 Business and Corporate Strategy). Managers must also be good decision makers to set a course for achieving organizational objectives. In international business, planning is particularly complex given all the countries and variables involved. There are five steps in recent graduates, the planning process. First, the process begins with SWOT analysis, which means that planners must be aware of the critical factors facing their organization in terms of good essay, economic conditions, their competitors, and their customers. Online. Second, planners establish organizational objectives. Organizational objectives are statements of what needs to be achieved and good when. Third, planners identify multiple ways of Case study, achieving those objectives, with an eye toward choosing the best path to reach each objective. Fourth, planners must formulate the necessary steps and ensure effective implementation of plans. Finally, planners must constantly monitor the progress of elements essay, their plans and evaluate the success of those plans, making adjustments as necessary. Let’s look at the three primary types of plans and written journals essays planning—strategic, tactical, and operational.

Strategic planning Strategic planning is the most long-range planning, typically looking three years or more into elements essay, the future and setting a plan for how best to position the organization to compete effectively in the environment. Presentation Online. is the most long-range planning, typically looking three years or more into the future. During strategic planning, an elements good, organization’s top managment analyzes competitive opportunities and threats as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, getting input from across the organization. Then the managers set a plan for how best to position the organization to written compete effectively in elements good essay, the environment. Strategic planning is generally conducted across the enterprise and includes setting objectives that reflect the legal cover letters recent organization’s mission. Elements Photo Essay. Tactical planning Tactical planning typically has a time horizon of one to three years and specifies fairly concrete ways to implement the strategic plan. , in contrast to strategic planning, has a shorter time horizon, typically one to three years, and essay specifies fairly concrete ways to implement the strategic plan. Tactical planning is often done by middle-level managers. Operational planning Operational planning short-range planning (less than a year) that takes the organization-wide strategic and tactical plans and specifies concrete action steps to achieve those plans takes the organization-wide or subunit goals and specifies concrete action steps to good photo achieve the strategic and tactical plans. Journals. Operational planning is short-range planning (less than a year). Elements Photo. Organizing A management function that develops an organizational structure and coordinates human resources within that structure to achieve organizational objectives. is written essays, a management function that develops an organizational structure and coordinates human resources within that structure to achieve organizational objectives.

Typically, organizational structure is represented by good photo an organizational chart that graphs the lines of who reports to whom and essay test shows a hierarchical chain of command. In recent years, however, social network analysis has become increasingly popular as a means of identifying who in the organization people consider to be “expert” and turn to when they need help. Olivier Serrat, “Social Network Analysis,” Knowledge Solutions 28 (February 2009), accessed January 3, 2011, The advantage of mapping this type of informal network is that it shows who is a valuable, well-connected expert, even if that person is good essay, not a de facto “boss.” Decisions made about the structure of an organization are generally referred to presentation programs as organizational design Involves decision making about the photo structure of an organization. decisions. Organizing takes place at both the level of the organization and at the level of the job. Journals Essays. Organizing at the level of the enterprise or organization involves deciding how best to divide or cluster jobs into departments to effectively allocate and coordinate effort. There are many different ways to departmentalize, such as organizing by a job function, by products, by geographical regions, or by type of customer. Larger organizations often use several methods of departmentalization. Photo Essay. When the business crosses borders, the organization must choose a structure that complements its strategy.

This often relates to whether there is nick joaquin essays, a separate international division or if each country operates autonomously (and to what degree). Organizing at good photo, the job level means designing individual jobs within the organization. Decisions must be made about the duties and responsibilities associated with each job, as well as the manner in which the duties should be carried out. Decisions made about the nature of construction essay test, jobs within the organization are generally called job design Involves decision making about the nature of jobs within the organization. decisions. Good Photo Essay. Job design involves organizing jobs so that each position makes productive use of an individual’s talents. In the past, job design meant narrowing a job’s tasks so that the on donoghue of negligence,duty of care individual could be more proficient at elements essay, those tasks. But further research showed that too narrow a job function leads to boredom and concomitant job dissatisfaction.

As a result, organizations now try to balance specialization (and the efficiency it brings) with variety and opportunity for autonomy. Human resource specialists use principles such as empowerment, job enrichment, and teamwork when designing jobs. For instance, HUI Manufacturing, a custom sheet-metal fabricator, has done away with traditional departments in order to focus outward on customers rather than internally on departments. As a result, HUI listens and responds to customers. Using small-team “huddles” and company-wide meetings, HUI employees work together to understand their customers and how HUI might service them best. “Your Teams: Overview,” HUI Manufacturing, accessed November 9, 2010, While some employees remain specialists, employees are paid more to develop multiple skill sets—thus a metalworker may also be proficient in construction essay test, design and accounting.

As a result, HUI’s workforce is highly diverse in terms of individual capabilities. Leading involves influencing and inspiring others to take action. Managers who lead well inspire their employees to be enthusiastic about working to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Elements Good Photo. Managers can become effective leaders by understanding their employees’ individual values, personalities, and attitudes. For example, studies of motivation and motivational theory help managers understand how workers can be energized to put forth productive effort. Studies of essay women's rights, communication, likewise, provide direction as to how managers can effectively and persuasively communicate. Finally, studies of leadership and leadership style provide information on topics such as how a manager can be a good leader and what leadership styles are most appropriate and effective in certain situations. When an organization’s operations cross borders, managers have to make additional choices related to elements good essay the employment of nick joaquin, local workers versus relocating workers from the home country, as well as the photo essay degree and frequency with which employees rotate through positions and countries. The controlling function requires monitoring performance so that it meets the performance standards established by the organization.

Controlling consists of three steps—setting performance standards based on the company’s objectives, measuring and comparing actual performance against standards, and taking corrective action when necessary. Presentation. For example, a performance standard can be that a technical support staffer will resolve three customer problems per hour. If staffers are consistently only able to photo resolve three problems per hour, it may mean that the legal graduates standard was set too high. Setting performance standards is a delicate balance: managers want the task to good essay be attainable but not too easy. If the standard is set at online, five problem resolutions per hour and half of the staffers achieve that goal, then they can be recognized for their achievement, while the staffers unable to meet that performance level can be coached, or other measures can be taken to minimize the low performance.

Performance standards can be measured in various ways, such as through financial statements, sales reports, production results, customer satisfaction, and formal performance appraisals. Managers at all levels engage in the function of controlling to some degree. Elements Good Photo Essay. Don’t let the term control confuse you into thinking that it means manipulation. Rather, the controlling function is intended to ensure that work is proceeding according to plan. Indeed, effective control requires having plans and objectives and establishing which position will be responsible for correcting deviations that occur. Effective controls provide valuable feedback mechanisms. For international companies, such feedback includes the methods for transferring knowledge and essay women's advantages out of home or foreign countries into the business operations of other countries. Such learning, while a key advantage of global firms, is easier said than done.

Even the best firms have found cross-border learning difficult. Elements Good Photo Essay. For example, when Toyota vehicles in the United Kingdom experienced problems with their braking and acceleration systems, these design issues were not communicated to the company’s US operations until the same difficulties had reached crisis proportions in the United States. In summary, the P-O-L-C functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are widely considered to construction be the best means of describing the manager’s job. Good. Managers perform these essential functions despite tremendous changes in their environment and the tools they use to perform their roles. Test. The principles of management can be distilled down to four critical functions. These functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Strategy is elements good photo essay, a starting point in the P-O-L-C framework, but it also incorporates many additional activities that allow the presentation programs online strategy to be executed well. Elements Good Photo. This framework provides useful guidance into what the ideal job of a manager should look like in essay about women's in saudi arabia, both domestic and international business contexts. (AACSB: Reflective Thinking, Analytical Skills) What are the management functions in the P-O-L-C framework? Are there any criticisms of this framework? What function does planning serve? What function does organizing serve?

What function does leading serve? What function does controlling serve?

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Elements of a good photo essay Creating a photo essay 5photo essay

Carlo Collodi, Les Aventures de Pinocchio. Carlo Collodi, Les Aventures de Pinocchio , traduction par Isabel Violante, chronologie, presentation, notes, dossier, bibliographie par Jean-Claude Zancarini, Paris, Flammarion, 2001, 349 p., 57 FF / 8,69 € Traduit de l'italien par Laura Fournier. 1 La traduction d’un texte classique est le renouvellement d’un acte d’amour pour son auteur et pour la promesse faite par celui-ci a ses lecteurs d’hier et d’aujourd’hui. Elements Good Essay. Les Aventures de Pinocchio de Collodi (Carlo Lorenzini), traduites par Isabel Violante et augmentees d’une presentation et d’un ample dossier redige par Jean-Claude Zancarini, naissent de cette sensibilite. Essays. L’ouvrage refuse en effet tout type d’interpretation qui « recherche l’effet » et incite le lecteur a reconsiderer le texte – ce qui, dans le cas de l’ouvrage de Collodi, est concretement ce qui compte le plus. Elements Good Photo Essay. Pinocchio , d’ailleurs, comme tous les classiques, porte en lui les strates d’interpretations successives, ce qui rend impraticable un rapport desenchante du lecteur avec le texte. Women's Rights In Saudi Arabia. C’est donc de la comprehension des differentes lectures dont Pinocchio est en quelque sorte la « victime passive » que l’editeur de l’ouvrage a choisi de partir, mettant ainsi en discussion la reduction du texte a un simple « conte pedagogique ». Elements Good Photo Essay. La critique a en effet l’habitude de rappeler que la « gaminerie » – c’est ainsi que l’auteur definit son ?uvre dans une lettre – est parue en feuilleton, de 1881 a 1883, dans le Giornale per presentation programs i bambini , « le journal pour les enfants » fonde par Ferdinando Martini puis dirige par Lorenzini lui-meme. Elements Good Essay. Ainsi on Vs Stevenson.Tort of care, a souvent donne un poids excessif a la destination premiere de l’?uvre par rapport a l’evolution de l’ecriture du texte. Essay. Ceci a conduit a une lecture reductrice, encore augmentee par le succes deferlant de l’adaptation cinematographique de Walt Disney – dont l’examen dans le dossier est fort opportun. 2 La reedition de Pinocchio dans la collection « Dossier » de Flammarion, a cote de textes litteraires consideres comme « majeurs », de romans de formation et de classiques de la pensee, suggere au lecteur un retour sur cette ?uvre.

Ce n’est pas la, bien sur, une nouveaute, mais, aujourd’hui comme hier, l’initiative conserve un certain charme « revolutionnaire ». Programs. On pense par exemple a la belle edition Einaudi, publiee en 1943 avec une breve et emouvante introduction de Cesare Zavattini. Elements Photo. L’edition Einaudi n’etait pas destinee a l’enfance, mais invitait les lecteurs a reconsiderer les aventures de la marionnette la plus celebre au monde comme un texte classique, et un classique est ce qu’il y a de plus utile pour continuer a exercer sa pensee a chaque epoque, meme dans les periodes les plus sombres, pour reprendre l’expression de Bertolt Brecht. Case Study On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Care. Cette meme idee parcourt les pages de cette edition, dont le dossier se termine, sans qu’il faille voir la l’effet du hasard, par une phrase d’Italo Calvino, que l’editeur reprend a son compte : « un classique, c’est un livre qui n’a jamais fini de dire ce qu’il a a dire » (p. Elements Good. 343). Case Study Of Negligence,duty Of Care. Il serait donc reducteur de definir Les Aventures de Pinocchio comme« un classique de la litterature enfantine ». Good Photo. Il s’agit au contraire, comme l’ont ecrit Carlo Fruttero et Franco Lucentini, « d’un classique de la litterature tout court ». 3 Il parait tout aussi reducteur d’aborder l’ouvrage a la seule lumiere d’une lecture sociologique et plus encore –comme le souligne Jean-Claude Zancarini en analysant certains textes d’Alberto Asor Rosa– en s’appuyant sur une vision psychologisante de Collodi. Legal Letters Recent. Cette « gaminerie » a ete ecrite « pour toujours », comme c’est le cas en general pour les recits, independamment de leur destination et de leur destin. Good. C’est donc dans cette direction qu’il est necessaire d’avancer, pour tenter de comprendre le texte tout en choisissant, en « adultes », parmi les multiples lectures possibles. Construction Essay Test. L’?uvre de Collodi, ecrit Jean-Claude Zancarini, ne peut etre reduite a une seule lecture. Essay. « Carlo Fruttero et Franco Lucentini », poursuit l’auteur, « nous rappellent un point qui devrait etre une evidence pour un lecteur et dont nous allons tenter de faire notre profit : “ne nous laissons pas tromper par la destination primitive de Pinocchio a l’enfance et, surtout, ne nous laissons pas convaincre par ses faux amis et ses ennemis declares, qui veulent que pour le lire ou le relire il faille une cle speciale ; deliberement ‘fraiche et ingenue’, ou au contraire (mais c’est au fond la meme chose) rare et sophistiquee, voire arrogamment ‘sociale’.

Non, la seule cle de lecture adulte pour un classique de la litterature a toujours ete et demeure la cle litteraire, faite d’attention aux effets de l’art, poetiques au sens large, et des moyens que l’auteur a employes pour les atteindre” » (p. Cover Recent. 29). 4 Est-il donc pensable que Les Aventures de Pinocchio, nees comme un livre destine a l’enfance, aient fini ensuite par s’adresser a un tout autre public ? 5 C’est justement dans la presence d’elements apparemment contradictoires qu’il faut rechercher la cle de son succes persistant, par rapport aux autres textes et romans pedagogiques de la fin du XIX e siecle. Elements Essay. La pedagogie, quelle que soit la facon dont on Case of negligence,duty, la considere, trouve sa raison d’etre dans ses effets « sociaux » : c’est dans la « discipline sociale » que resident ses aspirations, independamment des methodes qu’elle acquiert au fil du temps. Good Photo. La croissance individuelle, pour sa part, n’admet aucune planification, et se presente comme le fruit de plusieurs stimuli lies a l’experience et aux relations personnelles historiquement mises en acte par chaque individu. Construction Essay Test. Cette tension, que l’?uvre de Collodi met en evidence, caracterise traditionnellement l’histoire de la pensee occidentale. Good Photo. A la fin du XIX e siecle, la tache de la pedagogie, comme on in saudi arabia, pouvait l’entendre, etait de former des citoyens « utiles » a l’Etat et a ses institutions, dont les valeurs largement partagees n’etaient pas mises en discussion. Good. On peut se demander quelle utilite pour les institutions et pour la formation de bons citoyens pouvait avoir un livre comme Pinocchio , qui met en evidence les difficultes du parcours individuel de la croissance, dans son rapport douloureux avec les methodes pedagogiques de l’epoque. 6 La croissance de Pinocchio s’acheve au moment ou l’enfant peut finalement regarder le pantin de l’exterieur, comme si c’etait un etranger.

La page finale peut stupefier le lecteur. Study Of Negligence,duty. Avec une habilete extraordinaire, Collodi fait, encore une fois, parler Pinocchio « a lui-meme », en son for elements photo interieur, avec une satisfaction non dissimulee, comme pour signifier que la reflexion personnelle etait, au fond, le but recherche : « Pinocchio se retourna pour le regarder et, apres l’avoir bien regarde, il se dit a lui-meme, avec infiniment de satisfaction : ‘Comme j’etais ridicule quand j’etais un pantin ! Et comme je suis heureux d’etre devenu un petit garcon comme il faut !’« (p. Nick Joaquin. 314-315). 7 Au cours du recit, l’auteur n’entend pas tant montrer au lecteur, en termes pedagogiques, la distinction nette entre ce qui est bien et ce qui est mal, selon une morale universellement acceptee, que souligner la capacite de chaque individu a atteindre un stade ou il lui est possible d’arreter de reagir exclusivement aux sollicitations exterieures sans aucune reflexion personnelle. 8 Les monologues interieurs dont est capable le pantin au cours de l’histoire murissent apres coup, apres qu’il a fait ses betises, toujours « tout seul » (« da se solo ») et souvent a haute voix : « - Bien fait pour moi !… Ah ! oui, bien fait ! j’ai voulu faire le paresseux, le vagabond… j’ai voulu suivre de mauvais compagnons, et le sort me poursuit sans cesse. Good. Si j’avais ete un enfant comme il faut, comme tant d’autres, si j’avais eu envie d’etudier et de travailler, si j’etais reste a la maison avec mon pauvre papa, a l’heure qu’il est je ne serais pas ici, au milieu des champs, faisant le chien de garde a la porte d’une maison de paysans. Graduates. Ah ! si je pouvais naitre une seconde fois !… Mais maintenant, il est trop tard. Elements Good Photo. Prenons patience !… » (p. Joaquin. 158-161). Essay. C’est egalement le ton des autres monologues, introduits toujours par un « si j’avais fait… », « si j’avais eu… ». Essays. L’auteur utilise aussi le monologue pour exprimer la stupeur du pantin devant la vie, comme dans le chapitre XIV, lors de la rencontre avec les « assassins ». Elements Good Photo. Dans d’autres cas, le monologue sert a souligner la naivete, comme lorsque Pinocchio imagine la multiplication de ses pieces de monnaie plantees dans le Champ des miracles, au debut du chapitre XIX.

Il est presque superflu de remarquer la distance qui separe ces monologues de la page finale, ou le monologue represente la realisation d’une etape de la croissance. 9 L’habilete de Collodi depasse dans tous les cas la simple technique narrative. Construction Essay. Non seulement il est parfaitement a son aise avec les canons de l’ecriture pour enfants, fruit de sa longue pratique du metier, mais aussi avec les techniques educatives. Good Photo Essay. C’est surtout la connaissance de ces dernieres qui lui evite de tomber dans le piege represente par le recit pedagogique, visant la formation du citoyen « utile » aux institutions. Nick Joaquin. Nous ne voulons pas pour autant affirmer que Pinocchio est un representant de l’hostilite vis-a-vis de l’autorite, meme si les episodes allant en ce sens ne manquent pas ; l’ouverture du chapitre XIV suffira comme exemple : « Nous, les enfants, nous sommes bien malheureux ! Tout le monde nous crie dessus, tout le monde nous gronde, tout le monde nous donne des conseils. Good Photo Essay. A bien ecouter, chacun se mettrait en tete d’etre notre pere ou notre maitre » (p. Nick. 110-111). Elements Good Essay. Ce monologue implique que la reconnaissance de l’autorite doit toujours et de toute facon preceder l’obeissance a ses regles. Essays. Aucun respect dogmatique de l’autorite n’est possible.

10 Ceci constitue un aspect secondaire de la trame narrative. Elements Photo Essay. Collodi n’entend pas reveler au lecteur ce qui arrive lorsque le pantin desobeit a l’autorite : si cela avait ete son intention, l’histoire de Pinocchio nous aurait semble plate et convenue, malgre l’imagination qui preside aux representations de la realite que fournissent des personnages comme Mangefeu, Lumignon, le Chat et le Renard. Nick Joaquin Essays. L’auteur semble plutot etre fortement interesse par la description des situations paradoxales qu’implique necessairement la volonte de devenir « un petit garcon comme il faut », c’est-a-dire le choix d’obeir a la lettre et sans discrimination aux regles imposees par l’autorite. Elements Photo Essay. Le caractere paradoxal du rapport entre bien et mal, utile et honnete, entre ordre et obeissance, plus que par les « friponneries » de la marionnette, se percoit dans les passages ou Collodi decrit la realite institutionnelle de l’ecole et de la justice, dont la garantie represente l’aspiration supreme de l’Etat. Legal Cover Graduates. Examinons quelques exemples.

11 Repondant a l’appel du Grand Theatre de Marionnettes, Pinocchio vend l’Abecedaire que Geppetto, son pere, avait achete en se privant de son veston, pour lui permettre de frequenter dignement l’ecole. Good Photo. Ce geste amorce l’errance du pantin, truffee de mesaventures qui culminent lors de la rencontre avec la Fee aux cheveux bleus, a laquelle Pinocchio ne manque pas d’exprimer sa volonte de « devenir un enfant a tout prix ». Case Study On Donoghue. La promesse de faire le bien trouve cette fois un obstacle dans la dure, dramatique et violente realite de l’ecole. Good Photo. Il est bien difficile de percevoir une intention pedagogique dans le realisme avec lequel Collodi decrit le premier jour de Pinocchio a l’ecole communale, ou il se heurte pour la premiere fois a l’intolerance face a la diversite. About Women's. Ce jour-la Pinocchio apprend que seul l’usage de la force permet de gagner la bienveillance de ses camarades (p. Photo. 194-195) : « Le fait est qu’apres ce coup de pied, Pinocchio acquit l’estime et la sympathie de tous les enfants de l’ecole. Construction Test. Tous lui firent mille caresses et lui temoignerent beaucoup d’affection. Elements Good Essay. Le maitre lui-meme se rejouissait de Pinocchio, car il le voyait attentif, studieux, intelligent, toujours le premier a entrer en cours, toujours le dernier a se lever a la fin de la classe ». 12 La representation de la « justice » est encore plus cynique que celle de la realite scolaire : Collodi semble bien suggerer qu’il faut s’en tenir le plus loin possible, non seulement pour decourager ses lecteurs (« les jeunes lecteurs » ?) de commettre de mauvaises actions, mais surtout parce que la « justice » institutionnelle ne repond pas aux criteres de ce qui est « juste » et « equitable ». Written Essays. Ce theme revient avec une certaine frequence au fil du texte. 13 Au chapitre XIX, Pinocchio arrive dans la ville d’Attrape-Nigauds, guide par le Chat et le Renard qui, grace a des manigances, « en lui enseignant a s’enrichir sans se fatiguer », le depouillent de ses quatre pieces d’or.

Ayant decouvert le piege grace a un perroquet qui se moque de lui en le traitant de « dindon », Pinocchio se rend « droit au tribunal pour denoncer au juge les deux malfaiteurs qui l’avaient vole » (p. Good Photo. 146-147). Written Journals. Au tribunal il rencontre le juge, « un singe de la race des Gorilles ». Good. La justice, telle que la represente Collodi en cette occasion, prend donc les traits d’un singe, respectable par son grand age, mais surtout par ses lunettes d’or. Women's Rights. Le juge en effet ne voit pas tres bien a cause d’une « inflammation des yeux », et il est oblige de porter continuellement une paire de lunettes, dont la particularite est d’etre depourvue de verres. Good Essay. A cette occasion Pinocchio apprend qu’a temoigner contre des voleurs on letters recent, recolte une condamnation : « Ce pauvre diable a ete depouille de quatre pieces d’or. Elements Essay. Aussi, saisissez-le et mettez-le vite en prison » (p. Nick Joaquin. 148-149). Good Essay. La sentence laisse le pantin totalement ahuri, et il n’a meme pas le temps de protester. Letters Recent Graduates. Ce qui arrive a Pinocchio en prison est encore plus paradoxal.

Apres quatre mois, « un coup de chance inespere » se presente : l’Empereur de la ville apres une victoire, decide de faire beneficier d’une amnistie « tous les malfaiteurs ». Elements Good Essay. A la demande de Pinocchio de sortir de prison avec les autres, le geolier lui repond qu’il n’est pas du nombre, puisqu’il est alle en prison pour avoir ete depouille et non pour avoir commis un vol. Nick Essays. Pinocchio est alors contraint de se presenter comme un « malfaiteur », donc comme coupable d’une faute qu’il n’a pas commise, pour pouvoir beneficier de l’amnistie. 14 Il est difficile de croire que Collodi, a cet endroit, avait seulement en tete ses jeunes lecteurs. Good Photo Essay. Nous pensons egalement a l’episode d’Eugene qui rappelle de pres le recit de Montaigne dans l’essai consacre a l’experience ( Essais , III, 13). About. Montaigne evoque des paysans qui, rencontrant un moribond meurtri de cent coups et desireux de recevoir une gorgee d’eau, n’osent pas s’en approcher de peur d’etre attrapes par « les gens de la justice », « comme il se fait de ceux qu’on rencontre pres d’un homme tue ». Elements Good Photo. Il est certain que cet office d’humanite, ajoutait Montaigne, « les eut mis en peine » car ils n’avaient « ni suffisance, ni argent, pour defendre leur innocence ». Case Of Negligence,duty. Si l’on veut savoir ce qu’auraient pu etre, de fait, les suites du cas presente par Montaigne, il suffit de lire ce qui advient alors a Pinocchio. Elements Essay. Sept camarades d’ecole le convainquent de se rendre sur la plage pour voir le requin, et bien vite il decouvre que ses camarades l’ont « bien attrape » : le terrible requin n’y est pas. Case On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort. Le seul but de cette plaisanterie etait de faire manquer l’ecole a Pinocchio, juge « trop travailleur » : « – Que vous importe si je travaille ? », leur demande Pinocchio.

Ses camarades repondent : « les ecoliers qui etudient font faire mauvaise figure a ceux qui, comme nous, n’ont pas envie d’etudier. Elements. Et nous ne voulons pas faire mauvaise figure ! Nous aussi, nous avons notre amour propre !… » (p. Study. 200-201). Good Photo Essay. Suite aux requetes de ses camarades de « prendre en grippe l’ecole », nait un litige qui bientot devient une bagarre entre les sept et Pinocchio. Online. Les livres volent et quand ils sont epuises, l’un des camarades, voyant que les seuls livres disponibles sont ceux du pantin, saisit un lourd Manuel d’Arithmetique et le lance de toutes ses forces contre Pinocchio.

Le volume, evite par ce dernier, frappe a la tete Eugene, l’un des sept camarades qui, blanc comme un linge, tombe sur le sable en disant : « – Au secours, maman… car je meurs ! ». Photo Essay. A la vue de ce « petit mort », les enfants epouvantes s’enfuient (p. Written Journals Essays. 204-205). Elements Good. Pinocchio reste aux cotes de son camarade, et dans les larmes et le desespoir, il va mouiller son mouchoir dans la mer pour l’aider a reprendre ses sens, sans cesser de l’appeler par son prenom. Nick Joaquin. Devant le corps de son camarade, Pinocchio entend les pas de deux carabiniers. Elements Good Photo. Ceux-ci s’arretent et l’interrogent (p. Nick Joaquin Essays. 206-209) : – Que fais-tu, couche a terre ? – demanderent-ils a Pinocchio.

– J’assiste mon camarade d’ecole. – Il s’est senti mal ? – Plus que mal ! dit l’un des carabiniers qui, se baissant, observa Eugene de tout pres. Essay. Cet enfant a ete blesse a la tempe. Construction Test. Qui est-ce qui l’a blesse ? – Ce n’est pas moi, balbutia Pinocchio qui ne respirait plus. – Si ce n’est pas toi, qui est-ce ? – Ce n’est pas moi, repeta Pinocchio. – Et avec quoi l’a-t-on blesse ? – Avec ce livre. Good Photo. Et Pinocchio ramassa a terre le Manuel d’Arithmetique relie en carton et parchemin, pour le montrer au carabinier. – A qui est ce livre ? – Cela suffit.

Peu importe le reste. Study Vs Stevenson.Tort. Releve-toi immediatement et viens avec nous. – Viens avec nous ! – Mais je suis innocent !… – Viens avec nous ! 15 « Combien avons-nous decouvert d’innocents avoir ete punis […] ; et combien en y a-t-il eu que nous n’avons pas decouverts ? », aurait commente Montaigne. 16 A qui s’adressait Collodi dans son feuilleton ? A qui s’adresse aujourd’hui encore l’histoire du pantin ? 1 On se souviendra que c’est le terme qu’utilise Collodi pour commenter la reaction de Pinocchio deva (. Good Photo Essay. ) 17 A coup sur, le charme des Aventures de Pinocchio reside tout entier dans l’efficacite avec laquelle est mis en recit le caractere paradoxal de la vie reelle, qui aujourd’hui comme hier ne cesse de nous laisser « di princisbecco »1. 1 On se souviendra que c’est le terme qu’utilise Collodi pour commenter la reaction de Pinocchio devant la sentence du juge-gorille aux lunettes sans verre : « rimase di princisbecco ». Essay Women's In Saudi. Il y avait en effet de quoi « rester bouche bee » devant l’enormite de cette injustice ! Paolo Carta , « Carlo Collodi, Les Aventures de Pinocchio », Laboratoire italien [En ligne], 2 | 2001, mis en ligne le 07 juillet 2011, consulte le 02 octobre 2017.

URL : ISSN electronique 2117-4970. Informations Titre : Laboratoire italien Politique et societe En bref : Revue consacree a l'etude de l'Italie passee et presente comme un lieu privilegie d'etude du politique.

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When Future Depends On Foundation. Consumers are becoming smarter every day. Access to everything we desire is a thought and finger swipe away. Marketing, specifically digital marketing, is becoming more consumer-centric, shedding it’s marketer-centric roots, like HubSpot talks about in their Inbound Marketing Course. Elements Good Essay! I think more times than not, consumers today can sniff out the programs, bull real quick and then call a company or brand out socially, which is why credibility and transparency is essential to good photo essay long term growth and success. These essential practices of transparency and truth should extend to PR as well, not just the facade of them. Case Study On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort! When a strong brand code of ethics is developed and implemented, it benefits all parties involved long-term and establishes trust when problems do arise. Elements Photo! During a recent PR crisis HubSpot handled with total transparency, did the cover recent graduates, company longterm good, a s this article points out. Photo! Owning the problem, apologizing for it and making sure it doesn’t happen again is presentation programs online, usually the best way to gain the elements good photo, understanding and sympathy of construction essay, your customers, in turn maintaining long-term brand loyalty.

There isn’t much bad-mouthing someone can do when you own your mess and fix it. The world of advertising has made some strides in the scope of showcasing diversity in elements good photo essay, the ads they produce. In recent years, progress is being made in the right direction reflecting the social change of a wider acceptance of different types of people, cultures, sexual orientations, family types and the like. Essay Test! However, the workforce within the elements good photo, ad industry is still very much white male dominant. Historically, the industry has always been this way, but like this article (1) points out, the written, workforce within this industry “should reflect a representative sample of the population…. [because of the elements photo essay, lack of diversity] this makes for ineffective and unrelatable advertising.” It would make a whole lot more sense if the majority of the people behind the creation of written, our media, better represented the majority of the consumers. If you really think about elements photo essay, how America and Case study of negligence,duty it’s people came to be, you will realize that every single one of us can be traced back to an ancestor who migrated here. So why are we still lacking so much diversity within this industry when the makeup of our country is so ethnically rich?

Different cultural experiences and perspectives are vital to a workplace, especially an industry that is good, designed to shape the minds of nick joaquin, consumers. You would think that that’s a no brainer for those holding leadership positions. In this NRP article (2), Cyrus Mehri, a workplace discrimination employment lawyer says that the biggest problem within discrimination in the ad industry is in fact in those critical leadership roles, along with a huge lack of diversity in good photo essay, creative and account services departments. Nick Joaquin! Egoism runs deep and good photo essay true in this industry, especially in those leadership positions. Yes, it is about what you know, but time and time again we hear, “it’s about test, who you know” that really matters. And while you do have to be talented and driven in this industry, minorities face a whole other hurdle to photo essay overcome. Let’s also discuss how underrepresented women are in the industry. Nick Joaquin! Watching the short film Diversity in Advertising (3) , a huge element that I can closely relate to are the photo essay, stats about females: 85% of all advertising is aimed towards women, who are primary consumers, yet 90% of all communication campaigns are created by men. An extended side to essay this is the industry support for working mothers. With unrealistic expectations and more importantly workforce support, women are expected to go through everything associated with childbirth and immediately jump back into work as if nothing happened. The most prominent and obvious solutions to add diversity to this industry would be to instill a deeper value of it in current and future leadership roles that are represented by the majority.

Like mentioned in the film reference above, in order for diversity to really resonate within an agency, it has to be the heartbeat of your business plan. I believe that there is a global mental shift towards celebrating diversity, screaming for the undeniable to happen. We are headed that way, like molasses. Elements Good Essay! Overall, diversity can only be a positive thing. Diversity should be a factor that brings us closer together; a celebration of differences that unite us. Where there are diverse people and ideas, there is deeper conversation, connection, deeper empathy. Jeremy Scahill’s Dirty Wars gives you a first hand look at the dangers journalists go through and the responsibilities they hold to the public in pursuit of the truth. His documentary film is centered around the unfolding truths of classified operations carried out by presentation programs an American military unit called Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). After watching the documentary, I completely agree that Scahill was guided by the key elements of journalism, being verification, duty to the public, and doing so honestly with a balance from all perspectives in his reporting.

Scahill wholeheartedly follows the good, principle of journalistic truth. As Tom Rosenstiel and Bill Kovach write in their book, The elements of written journals, journalism, “All truths – even the photo essay, laws of science – are subject to essay about women's revision, but we operate by elements good photo essay them in the meantime because they are necessary and legal letters recent graduates they work.” Scahill’s pursuit of the truth is never ending; it constantly evolves as he continues digging for more. It seems he is elements photo essay, never satisfied with the version someone tells him, which is a great trait to have as an investigative reporter. His pursuit of joaquin, details in the truth, from all perspectives, and piecing together the puzzle is what seems to be his driving force. Many obstacles stand in his way, on levels of physical dangers to photo essay psychological ones. Aside from the obvious dangers of constantly being in war zones like Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia, Scahill begins to also face threats as he digs deeper into legal cover recent uncovering the truth behind the night raids and innocent deaths of entire families, including children and women.

He also begins to face mental problems such as heightened anxiety, insomnia and levels of paranoia. Although Scahill is a one-man-team, he explored all sides to elements good photo essay the stories of the raids. “As a reporter you learn that every story has conflicting points of view, ” he said in nick joaquin, the film. “You try to good understand all of them without letting your own get in the way.” Whenever he heard of a tragic raid, he not only visited the essays, victims’ family and friends for interviews, but also reached out to U.S. military professionals, ranked high and low, to get the entire picture. Most theU.S. Good Essay! military and CIA professionals were reluctant to tell specifics on military operations and procedures, and most importantly why they were being carried out of care, with so many mistakes resulting in loss of innocent lives. During the good essay, first raid that Scahill investigates, NATO first openly denied responsibility of innocent people getting killed by the JSOC raid, tried to cover it up, then finally was left to journals reveal the truth and take resposibility . Through his investigations, Scahill openly says he believes the families, when NATO and the U.S. military official reports often say that the killings were related to taliban or the victims own family had slain them. As his investigations continue and Scahill discovers more immoral and illegal covert JSOC operations, you can tell that it all begins to takes a toll on him. From the beginning of the film, you can see his heartfelt reactions and concerned look as he listens to the victims’ stories. As he uncovers more details about each raid, the distress is seen on his face even more.

Scahill works for The Nation magazine. I believe he is following the elements essay, principle that “journalism’s first loyalty is to citizens.” He reports all the details, no matter how gruesome or troubling and asks pressing questions to Case Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care get to the bottom of the issues during these JSOC raids. Elements Photo! I definitely do not feel he is pursuing these stories for money and fame. During the essays, film, he mentions that investigative journalism topics usually fall on elements photo essay, “deaf ears.” And when he was catapulted into essay test the spotlight with his Blackwater story, he certainly was not expecting it. I think in the beginning of elements, Scahill’s investigations, he still feels a connection to the those he believes he is working for, but the deeper he digs into uncovering the ugly truths of the JSOC operations, and the more resistance he gets from the U.S. government, the test, less safe and “close” he starts to feel. However, I don’t think this hurts his overall objectivity. He continues to report from all perspectives, still meeting resistance from the U.S. Good! military. Scahill is very thorough when it comes to verification.

Not only does he take notes during his interviews and get documents, he knows how to listen very keenly and Case Vs Stevenson.Tort of care asks the right questions. He pursues interviews with the top sources and often follows the facts to the next source he needs. When he interviews, you can tell he is very neutral in his body language and tone. I would say Scahill is a great reporter. He is unbiased in his reporting. Although it may seem that he may be trying to take sides with the victims of the JSOC raids, I don’t believe that is the case. He presents all the facts as they are and is completely transparent in photo essay, his motives and methods when reporting the many sides of the stories. Written Essays! His reporting is original, and he is on good essay, the ground and in action doing all of the heavy lifting. He doesn’t fabricate any information because I think he is on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort of care, truly serious about getting the truth out into the open for all to know.

I believe he expresses humility at every point of the reporting and has even more of elements photo, it towards the end. Scahill’s role as a journalist shifts during the documentary film. In the beginning, he knew what he was getting into, but I don’t think he knew the heavy weight or depth of the issues at hand. As he uncovers all these horrible truths, his role evolves from nick joaquin essays, investigative journalist into elements good photo essay a human activist. Ben sits comfortably in a cozy, dark corner of the coffee shop, sipping his cold beer as he finishes up the study on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort of care, day’s work on good photo essay, his laptop.

His blue eyes are warm and determined. He looks up to his wife, softly carrying on essay women's in saudi, their conversation as she rocks their baby son to sleep. Cordle outside of his nutrition club. He’s fit, and good you can see his built muscles through a tight grey shirt. Across it reads “Herbalife Nutrition.” Right of the bat, you can tell health and essay fitness is important to good photo essay him. It’s a huge part of joaquin, his lifestyle, but he doesn’t look like a scary, typical workout “meathead.” He’s friendly, and elements essay his big smile invites you in for a chat. Presentation! He’s definitely someone that can carry on a conversation about anything. Today, Ben Cordle, 36, is a successful businessman and health coach. He has a beautiful family and a flourishing business. Cordle owns The Nutrition Hut, a fitness club, in the busy community of Austin Ranch within The Colony, Tx. His passion is to help people not only improve their physical form, but to flourish and better themselves from the inside out.

At one point, however, Cordle was the one in need of a major intervention. He was born and raised in Alabama and grew up in a typical southern family. His mother was a nurse and father was in the military. Elements Good Photo Essay! In his childhood, the family lived in a trailer home. “We were not poor, but we got by,” Cordle said. “But I think that’s what made me want to be rich [as an adult].

It made me want to take money, or the lack of, out of the equation.” Through out his youth and teenage years, Cordle always played sports, which he credits helped him stay on the right path in this adolescence. Then, during his senior year in high school, he quit sports and started hanging out with the wrong crowds. He started experimenting with drinking and test smoking weed. Elements! Quickly realizing the way his current lifestyle would trend and presentation programs wanting more structure in his life, Cordle enrolled himself in the U.S. military. He served during 1997-2001, during which he was deployed overseas to serve in the Kosovo War.

Often working 16 hour days, Cordle said the elements good photo essay, military gave him more drive. “It taught me a work ethic. It taught me how to go nonstop,” he said. “It taught me how to Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty transform the work into my life and elements good essay mesh the essays, two.” After serving in elements good photo essay, the military for programs nearly five years, Cordle jumped into regular civilian life. He got married and good essay enrolled at Case study, Auburn University to elements good essay finish his degree in aerospace engineering. He was on the right track once again, but didn’t feel at rights in saudi arabia, peace. “I came out a completely different person,” he said. “[the military] matured me a lot, but I don’t think I was ready to be matured.” Hoping to better their situation, Cordle moved to Dallas in 2002 with this now ex-wife. He continued going to good photo essay school and switched his major to civil engineering. He got an essays engineering job at good essay, Halff Associates where he worked for the next three years. “Then I started to lose interest,” Cordle said. “I knew I was going to push through because I needed to, but I kinda started to joaquin look around and I remember thinking ‘I don’t want to turn out like them’.

These people are just office workers. They sit in offices their whole lives.” Realizing his longtime passion for health and fitness, Cordle decided he had enough of the office environment. He got into bodybuilding, but soon after started using steroids. While using, Cordle also went into illegally distributing the drugs. “With an good engineering mindset, I wanted to figure out how to buy them cheaper, or make my own for construction essay personal use,” he said. Once he figured out a way to buy the drugs straight from the manufacturing plants in elements good, China, he slowly scaled his business. As the “dirty” money flowed in, Cordle finally quit his engineering office job.

He became an official personal trainer and sold the steroid online in secret bodybuilding forums. He even took on an apprentice and taught him the ropes. As Cordle’s steroid business was approaching the nick, five year mark, he was making over $20,000 a month. However, his marriage fell apart. Things started to go downhill. In March of 2008, nine DEA agents busted into Cordle’s Dallas home. Elements Good Essay! He was home alone with his infant daughter.

“The funny thing is, I saw it coming the whole time,” he said. “In your head, you try to talk yourself out of it like you’re overreacting, but I saw it.” Cordle was convicted in July of 2008. Letters! Federal charges were dropped and only the photo, state prosecuted. He was given 30 days in jail with a five year probation period. Essay Test! Cordle’s deal with the DEA was that he had to show them step by step how he ran his business. “I got lucky in so many ways,” said Cordle. The next few years, Cordle tried to get his life back on track. Because of good essay, his two felonies, there was no options of written journals essays, getting another engineering job. He went back into essay personal training, but his life continued to get worse. He retreated back to drinking and drugs.

At the time, his close friends just started in the Herbalife business. They tried to persuade Cordle to join with them, but he was sceptical. “I thought it was a joke at first. Essay About Women's Arabia! Then my friends started making $10,000 to $12,000 a month,” he said about Herbalife. “The one thing that my [steroids] business did for me was break a glass ceiling of income potential and aspiration. Money is the elements good, hardest drug to quit. Construction Test! It doesn’t give you a perfect life, but it does take a lot of stress out.” Over the good essay, course of a year, he watched his friends go from living on peoples couches to living the lavish life. Cordle was sold. He said he knew that with his engineering mindset he would be successful, if he fully applied himself. “If they could make it, I knew I could make it,” Cordle said. In 2010, he first attended the annual Herbalife Extravaganza convention.

That’s where Cordle also met his now wife, Megan. “That’s when I decided I wanted to do [Herbalife] forever,” he said. “I was just blown away by it.” Ben teaching a class about nutrition and health. Cordle jumped into the business, working non-stop, traveling between Texas and Oklahoma. He was breaking probation while traveling, but he was determined to online get his life on track. In the winter of 2011, Cordle got caught breaking the elements good, terms of his probation. Case On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort! He was sentenced to elements good serve six months in Dallas County Jail, while also attending a cognitive thinking program at an intermediate sanctions facility. “It’s the step before you go to prison.

It’s your last chance,” he said. While Cordle was away, he made the decision to work on himself. He read 84 books, most centering around personal development. The author that really inspired him was Robert Kiyosaki. Cordle said it was during that time away that he realized success is all in construction essay test, the mindset. He said he remembers how amazed he was that all the people in jail with him were so hopeless.

“Once you’ve lost hope, you’ve lost everything,” he said. That hope is what Cordle has always held on to. “You have to elements good photo essay look past it all and look to Case study the future because you know it’s going to get better,” Cordle said, “but the biggest thing is that you have to know.” After he got out of jail in 2011, Cordle became co-owner of photo, Lemon Tree Nutrition Club in Oklahoma. He moved quickly up the ranks in Herbalife reaching the global expansion team, the first leadership position. During this time, Cordle also started to about rights arabia work with a health and wellness nonprofit organization in photo, Oklahoma, where he produced a project called the Bedlam Mud Run. The project fell through, but Codle plans to produce similar events in the future to bring awareness to childhood obesity. Ben, right, with wife Megan, left, and their son Jackson and daughter Melissa.

In 2012, Codle opened The Nutrition Hut. He married Megan March of 2014, and they recently welcomed their son Jackson on August 1. Cordle said he is most thankful for the strong support system around him, consisting of Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care, his wife and parents. “I would have made it somehow [without them], but I wouldn’t have made it this far,” Cordle said. The first time he told his story this past September was at an Herbalife convention in front of good photo, a few hundred people. Cordle said that the experience was liberating and had people in Case, tears. He is finally off felony probation and has big plans for the future. Aside from running “the hut” and helping people with personal development through Herbalife, Cordle said he wants to good essay motivationally speak. Eventually, he plans to focus on working with felons and underprivileged children, teaching them how to regain control and better their lives. “Nobody is going to follow you, if you are not a leader,” Cordle said. “It’s all belief.” The Nutrition Hut located in Austin Ranch. Action Outside of legal cover letters, Sycamore Hall- UNT’s Early Voting Site.

Voting signs outside of Sycamore Hall. A desolate, chilly morning awaited Denton’s early voters today at UNT’s Sycamore Hall. Good! There was no voting line outside the building, but groups of voting signs crowded the lawns near by. Although the campuses new polling site experienced a technologically rocky start, small pools of Vs Stevenson.Tort, students were outside bright and early rallying up support for the most controversial local issue of elements good photo, fracking. Both pro and anti fracking ban enthusiasts were eager to catch the attention of sporadic people passing by. Cole Rollins spreading the pro drilling message outside of Sycamore Hall. Cole Rollins, 21, a psych junior at UNT, is against essay women's the ban. Elements Good Photo Essay! He said he feels that fracking is crucial to about women's rights economic growth in Denton. “Drilling upstarts the elements essay, economy in Denton and gives jobs locally,” he said. Test! “When we independently produce oil, we don’t have to rely much on importing from other countries.”

He said he feels there is not enough scientific evidence on effects of good essay, drilling to construction essay test local water supply or health to photo pass a complete ban on the matter. Angie Holliday, 22, a UNT geology grad, said she cared about the local fracking issue so deeply, she chose to reside in Denton after graduating to continue working on legal cover, it. Angie Holliday talking to elements early voters outside of Sycamore Hall about the fracking ban. Holliday, who’s spent time with many locals living near extraction sites, said it’s a “very emotional battle because lots of locals have been affected.” Holliday, with fellow peers, set up an eye catching installation on campus to promote the ban on drilling in Denton. But she remains hopeful that the ban will pass. “There is overwhelming support because this is not a partisan issue,” she said. UNT’s Child Development Lab – a custom experience to children, students, teachers and parents. As you enter through a wooden gate neatly tucked outside Matthews Hall, you discover a world of play in the Child Development Lab.

Immediately, a colorful playground awaits. Essay Test! Inside, the lab is buzzing with excited children, eager teachers and students. The energy is high and activity is endless. The entrance to the Child Development Lab. The Child Development lab, established at elements good photo essay, UNT in the early 1930s, is journals, a laboratory associated with the College of Education for elements good photo preschool children between 3-to-5-year-olds. The lab’s purpose is to provide UNT students pursuing degrees in legal cover graduates, early childhood education, child development and play therapy, with a training site to learn about and directly interact with young children. Dr. Carol Hagen is the brains of the whole operation. Essay! She has been with the Child Development lab for 30 years, and became director in 1987. “Our prime purpose is to be a place where students in this field can observe and practice with young children,” Hagen said. “Ours is a lab school. That means we are not intending to be childcare.

Of course we care for the children, but it’s not the letters graduates, intent.” Dr. Carol Hagan shows a center inside one of the lab classrooms. Hagen moves from room to room, having encouraging conversations with the elements photo essay, kids along the way giving everyone her undivided attention. Warm and enthusiastic, you can tell she has a true passion for presentation programs online what she does. “I just think children are the most fascinating people; the elements, most honest people,” Hagen said. “They think harder probably than most adults do.”

The Child Development Lab provides tailored experiences for each child, student, teacher and parent. There is no set curriculum used in the lab and it is always evolving and nick joaquin changing based on the individual needs of the children, said Hagen. Basic principles and best practices are applied that go hand-in-hand with the curriculum taught in the College of elements good photo essay, Education classes. The centers for the children inside a classroom at CDL. The Child Development Lab has two large classrooms, divided by age groups 3-to-4 years old and 4-to-5 years old. In each classroom children participate in daily group activities, but are also given time to explore their own agendas with free play said Hagen. Within each classroom, different learning centers including art, books, water tables, blocks, music and outdoor play are provided to encourage children to discover. According to the lab’s website, “All interactions, activities, and learning materials are designed to develop self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning.” “It’s a play-based program, so it’s really based on a lot of nick joaquin, research that children learn through play…through their experiences,” said Anna Lam, a master teacher at the Child Development Lab. Good Photo Essay! Her son, James, 3, attends the lab as well.

She said James is written essays, always happy there, and she wants nothing more as a parent. Anna Lam with her husband and their son James. In addition to teaching children in the older class, Lam also oversees about 20 student teachers each semester. “It’s is a good balance between working with children and working with adults, and trying to guide the next generation of teachers,” she said. Brooke Kirbie, 21, is a UNT senior pursuing a teaching degree with a focus on interdisciplinary studies EC-6 with ESL certification. She attends the lab for elements good photo 2.5 hours every week as part of her classes. Brooke Kirbie with Dr. Hagan outside in the lab’s playground. Kirbie said the lab gives her a place where she can directly apply and practice the journals essays, childhood development theories she learns in class.

“Coming here, we are expected to good interact with these kids,” Kirbie said. “I’ve never worked with preschool kids before- the youngest I’ve worked with is essay test, 5 and 6 years old in kindergarten so it was a new experience to me because (the younger kids) are very different.” The lab has an observation room above the two classrooms, where students like Kirbie can learn about child development by watching the activity and teaching strategies in the classroom. Approximately 15 courses in the College of Education require over 1,000 students per semester to good essay gain real world experience with the lab. Another benefit of the presentation online, lab is the diversity in elements good photo, children who are enrolled. Of Care! They all come from different cultures, backgrounds and abilities. There is a total of elements essay, 40 children enrolled this fall. “Students need to see a variety of children they are working with,” Hagen said. Programs! “We are fortunate to have a wonderful mix of kids.” Tilo and Anja Reinert with their children Paula and Peter enjoying the picnic put on by the Child Development Lab. Parents, like assistant professor in physics Tilo Reinert, 45, and his wife Anja, 33, find the diversity in good photo, children at the lab to contribute to a great environment.

After moving to the United States from Germany in 2009, the Reinerts immediately heard great things about the lab. Their daughter Paula, 4, is currently enrolled, and their son, Peter, 2, will attend next year. Aside from the convenient on-campus location and competitive tuition of the lab, Reinert said he likes the concept of students teaching and learning from his kids. “You always need a good place to be educated,” Reinert said. “The Child Development Lab is essay test, something like this.” The preschool lab is open to children of UNT students, faculty, lab teachers and elements photo local community members. Because the lab is so well known, it is not uncommon to have a current waiting list until 2018. Since the focus is on serving the educational purpose of the university students, the Child Development Lab operates on the university schedule: open Monday through Friday during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Parents can choose to enroll their children in the morning, afternoon or both sessions. “The program is fully licensed by the Texas Department of Family and construction test Protective Services, accredited through the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Program (NAC), and good photo is a designated vendor for Texas Workforce Solutions Child Care Services,” according to the lab’s website. “We are the essays, only accredited program in Denton, so we have to meet very high standards,” Lam said. When discussing future plans, Hagen would “love to have a bigger center someday.” With other parts of the university growing substantially, she said she hopes the growth of the Child Development Lab is on good photo essay, the list.

Campus Resources for Nursing Mothers. Like many working and student mothers, my experience has been nothing short of a balancing act. Cover Letters Graduates! When I resumed my studies at essay, UNT in of negligence,duty of care, the spring of 2014, just a mere 12 weeks after giving birth to my daughter, I had two strong, equally important goals: continue breastfeeding my baby and gets A’s. Going into the fall semester, I decided to take on more classes but worried about how I would succeed without taking a hit to elements good my nursing supply. Case Of Care! My biggest worry was finding a private room to pump. A bathroom was out of the question, so I reached out to the Mayborn School of Journalism advisors. Photo! I was kindly offered an essay women's office, should I need one. The next day, one of the advisors called me with great news: the General Academic Building had a lactation room I could use.

The accessibility to the lactation rooms has been resourceful because it provides a private and safe area to express milk in between classes, and I am able to coordinate my academic schedule more efficiently. Lactation room in the GAB. The majority of the lactation rooms on campus were installed in the beginning of 2012, with the project finishing in 2013. This lactation rooms project was funded using Higher Education Assistance Funds and was put in place as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This federal law states that employers with 50 or more people in their organization must provide a private space and “reasonable break time” for mothers to elements good photo essay express milk in private until their child is 12 months old.

The lactation rooms may not be used as a bathroom. Currently, there are eight lactation rooms on campus in the following buildings: Discovery Park Willis Library Gateway Center General Academic Building University Union Sage Hall Woodhill Square Kristen Farmer Autism Center. Amanda Dayton, 29, is the on donoghue of negligence,duty, project manager in elements, the facilities department who was in charge of the lactation rooms project two years ago. She said the joaquin, feedback about the rooms has been very positive so far. “They have been very well received as far as mothers coming back to work after six to eight weeks [postpartum] and needing the privacy and elements good some place close enough to where they are working to accommodate that need,” Dayton said. Universal breastfeeding logo placed on all eight lactation rooms on campus.

The lactation rooms can be recognized by Case Vs Stevenson.Tort the universal breastfeeding logo placed on the door of each room. Each room has access to an outlet so a breast pump could be used and includes a hand sanitizer dispenser mounted to elements good photo essay the wall. Each room is also furnished with a changing table, a bariatric chair for programs mother and child, a side table and a lamp, if the elements good photo, nursing mother chooses to online turn off the fluorescent overhead lights. All rooms are locked for safety reasons and a building representative coordinates how the good photo, lactation room key will be designated or rented. Although the seven lactation rooms already on campus are a wonderful resource, not many mothers know of them.

Brittney Lee, 26, was a newly nursing mother last spring. Lee said she was adamant on nursing during her last semester at UNT, while finishing up her B.F.A. in interior design, but did not know that lactation rooms were available and did not have easy access to one in the art building. “Maintaining my milk supply was extremely important to me when I went back to school and had to be away from [my son],” Lee said. “To my knowledge, a lactation room was not available during that time. And if there was, it certainly was not anywhere near my building. Written Essays! Finding that private room in elements photo, between classes, walking however far, would not have been convenient.”

Lee searched all over the building to find a safe, private place she could pump in between classes. With the help of her teacher, she was granted access to use a teacher lounge bathroom. Although Lee said she was thankful for the accommodation, it was not the essays, best environment to express milk. Elements Photo Essay! Accessibility to an electric power source was very difficult, and she did not have much privacy. Lee said she was emotionally and physically affected by the lack of journals, easy accessibility to a safe and private lactation room. “Nursing was very important to me, and for the health and growth of my baby. I wanted to nurse for a lot longer than I was actually able to,” Lee said. Janna Morgan, 35, is currently a senior project manager for UNT’s system facilities planning and construction department. Elements Good Photo Essay! She was a working and nursing mother before the lactation rooms were installed and legal cover letters recent used her co-shared office to pump during the day. Although she did not get a chance to use the lactation rooms, she said they would have provided her with a secure and elements good photo essay comfortable space without inconveniencing her office mate. “I think these spaces are a wonderful addition to campus for legal letters graduates students, faculty, staff and visitors who will benefit from good, a private, clean and secure place to nurse and pump,” Morgan said.

Changes to current lactation rooms will not be made, but as new buildings come up and needs arise, the facilities department will accommodate what is needed. “I have found that UNT has a very quick response to any kind of written, changes in laws to accommodate diverse populations,” Dayton said. “UNT has been very quick to address and meet those needs fiscally and quickly to change our campus to accommodate that.” Date: Oct. 10, 2014. Program: Morning Edition. Topics Discussed: Hard News, Profiles, Medicine, Breaking News, Political Coverage, Lifestyle, Trends, Science, Business,World News and. Being an photo active NPR lister, I love stories from Morning Edition most because I am usually driving in the morning. It gives me a chance to study of negligence,duty of care hear the elements, latest during my commutes to class. The depth of coverage varies per story, but what keeps me most engaged is that this program mixes mostly feature stories about art and entertainment with some hard news stories. I like the emphasis more to be on positive or entertaining news, especially at programs, the start of elements essay, my day. This segment focused on many national topics.

I found the stories about Ebola to be most interesting mostly because the matter is in our backyard. I absolutely loved the story about Malala Yousafzai receiving a Nobel Peace Prize. That was an empowering feature to listen to. Over all, I love getting my news from about women's rights in saudi, NPR. The diversity and elements photo essay depth of all the programs and news stories is wonderful. I feel the information reported is not biased, and that NPR caters to on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care all types of audiences with their many shows. I feel like they have something for everyone. It is very seldom that I turn on NPR and elements good photo switch to essays another station because I am not interested. The questions asked by reporters are very thought out and intriguing. The programs keep me engaged through out. The way NPR produces their segments includes coverage of the story as well as how the matter will impact listeners.

NPR is definitely my first source for news. Date: Oct. 9th, 2014. Program: All Things Considered. Topics Discussed: Science, Political Coverage, Health, Hard News, Breaking News, Medicine, Profile, Trends, Economics, Sports News and World News. I really enjoyed the Thursday program of essay, All Things Considered. The coverage wa sin depth and diverse in essays, range of topics. Good! I really enjoy that most of the time, NPR makes it a point to cover the story accurately from all the perspectives. I think the newsworthiness is sometimes subjective, but I enjoy having the mix of hard and soft news stories. Although this program focused more on international, political and health news, the two stories within this segment that interested me most were” Millennials Are Blue Now, But Party Allegiance Could Be Up For Grabs” and” How College Students Battled Textbook Publishers To A Draw, In 3 Graph. Programs Online! “ I enjoyed the millennial’s political segment because it was great to hear perspectives from elements, others in my age group about the presentation programs, dissatisfaction with the both the democrat and republican party.

Our generation is now the largest. We have so much influence for all types of elements photo, change and I feel like that is important to voice. I am very proud that NPR recognizes that importance and includes segments like these specifically targeted to our generation. The second story that intrigued me discussed the rising cost of textbooks and how students felt about the issue. Textbook prices are rising higher than food costs, cars and even health care according to NPR. Often times professors have no idea how much textbooks cost or don’t think about it initially based on the “principle agent problem. Legal Letters Recent Graduates! “It was interesting to elements good essay learn that when students buy used textbooks, this contributes to the problem and joaquin makes new textbook prices that much higher. Based on a survey of elements good, how much money students spend on average during the school year, overall the online, numbers are decreasing. To solve the good essay, problem and raise profits, publishers now want to push downloadable textbooks that are students cannot resell. I would not be surprised if online textbooks become more of presentation online, a trend in good essay, the future.

Although this was an interesting story, it did not include any actual quotes or direct student perspectives. They only had quotes from the textbook publisher and a professor.

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About Nepali New Year / Nepalese New Year. This post is dedicated to giving information about elements good essay, #8220;about Nepali New Year#8217; or #8216;About Nepalese New Year#8217;. Nepali New Year is the New Year in study on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty Nepal. Nepali New Year is the New Year that celebrates Nepal and Nepali. Nepali New Year is the official new year of the south Asian country Nepal. Nepali New Year is the regional and local new year of the country Nepal.

Let#8217;s go in detail about essay, Nepali New Year. As we all know that New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar#8217;s year count is incremented. In many cultures of many countries, the New Year event is celebrated in some manner. The New Year of the Gregorian calendar, also called English calendar, today in essays worldwide use. New year according to Gregorian calendar falls on 1 st day of elements essay Baisakh of every year. So, New Year#8217;s Day is the 1 st January. There are numerous calendars around the world that remain in regional use that calculate the New Year differently. Test. There are numerous New Year around the world that celebrated locally and regionally. When is Nepali new year?/When is Nepali new year 2074. The Nepali New Year’ Baishakh 1 st is the start of the year which is based on Vikram Samvat Calendar. Photo Essay. Nepalese people celebrate Nepali New year with full of happiness and about rights in saudi, enjoyment in Nepal.

Baishak 1st falls in mid-April month of English calender. This year April 14 was the elements good, first day of this Bikram Samvat calendar. Baishak is the first month of nick essays Bikram Sambat Hindu Calendar which is regarded as the official calendar of Nepal#8217;s government. New year is one of the festivals of Nepal celebrated with family gathering, parties and doing a lot of activities. In Nepal, there are more than 60 ethnic groups with their own unique culture, traditions, customs and most of them have their own language.

We can say that Nepal is an example of unity in diversity where people of different cast and culture live. We all have our own New Year and we celebrate in 9 different New Years. Nepalese use more than one calendar in their New Year days. Elements Good Photo Essay. Different castes of Hilly and mountain region likeSherpa, Tamang, Thakali, Magar, Managi, MustangI, and Walunggi celebrates New year as TamuLoshar in push 15 (December/January). It is the beginning of Gurungcalender.They celebrate it by singing, dancing and written essays, eating many traditional foods. Likewise, an indigenous group from mountain region celebrates Sonam Loshar as their new year which falls from early January to mid-February. In fact, sonam loshar is celebrated in good photo essay Tibet but the indigenous group especially Tamang celebrates Sonam loshar following the Tibetan calendar. Tharus celebrate their New Year as the biggest festival on the first of Magh i.e. in study on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care mid-January.Many programs are organized at the different parts of the country and they perform various tharu traditional dances like sakhiya, ghumra, jharra, lathuwa. So all the good, castes celebrate their new year with same Exuberant and written essays, enthusiasm. However, Baishakh 1st is regarded as national New Year, and all the castes celebrate this day with more happiness among each other.As accepted New year day is a public holiday in Nepal.

This post #8220;about Nepali New Year#8221; may relates to elements essay about Nepali new year, Nepali new year, Nepal new year date, Nepali new year date 2074, new year Nepal, new year in Nepal, happy new year Nepal, happy new year Nepal 2074, happy new year Nepal, new year in Kathmandu Nepal, new year in Kathmandu, when is nepali new year, happy new year in Nepal, new year celebrated in Nepal and Case study on donoghue of negligence,duty of care, new year celebration in photo Nepal. Likewise, Nepali New Year is the New Year at which a new Bikram Samvat calendar year begins and the calendar#8217;s year count is incremented. In all over the Nepal and Nepali around the world, happy Nepali New Year event is celebrated in some manner. The Nepalese New Year of the Bikram Samvat Calendar, also called Nepali calendar. Bikram Samvat calendar today use officially in over the Nepal. Construction Test. Nepali New year according to elements photo essay Bikram Samvat calendar falls on 1 st Baishakh of every year.

So, Nepali New Year#8217;s Day is the 1 st Baishakh. happy New Year Nepal / Happy Nepali New Year 2074 / Happy Nepalese New Year 2074 / Nepalese New Year#8217;s Day is perhaps the oldest of all holidays and celebrated in Nepal. Nepalese New Year#8217;s Day marks the end of one calendar year and women's rights in saudi, the beginning of elements good photo another. Celebrating the Happy Nepali New Year#8217;s Day people welcome the coming year and cover letters recent graduates, bid adieu to the old. Nepalese people express their wishes that the Happy Nepali New Year will be filled with health, happiness, and prosperity for photo essay themselves and cover letters recent graduates, all their dear ones. The Feasting is an integral part of Happy Nepali New Year#8217;s Day celebrations. The New Year in Nepal starts on photo essay, Baishakh month.

Baishak is the first month of Bikram Sambat Calendar. Bikram Sambat (B.S.) is the legal letters recent, official calendar of country Nepal. There are various locally and regional new year in Nepal. Nepal celebrates nine different new years in elements photo essay different times of year. Baishak 1st falls in mid April. Construction Test. If you want to know more about elements good essay, Nepali calendar or Bikram Samvat calendar, please visit our post Nepali Calendar to read more about Nepali calendar, Bikram Sambat calendar. Nepal is small country in land but it has more than 60 ethnic groups. They all have their own unique culture and traditions. Most of ethnic groups of Nepal have their own language. It is better to say that Nepal is a live example of unity in diversity. Presentation Programs Online. Most of the ethnic groups have our own New Year.

Nepal celebrates nine (9) different new years. Nepali people celebrate each of them with same zeal and enthusiasm. Anyways, 1st Baishakh is regarded as national New Year#8217;s Day. 1st Baishakh is regarded as Nepali New Year#8217;s Day. The country’s official calendar year starts this day, 1st Baishakh. Like another calendar, there are also 12 months in Nepali calendar. For detail, you can visit this page to know about the name of essay 12 months of Nepali year of Bikram Samvat calendar. This year 2074, Baishak 1st coincides with 14th of April of English calendar. Programs. New Year day, 1 st Baisakh is good a public holiday in Nepal. Nepali New year came in celebration with the essay, starting of Bikram Sambatcalender. Good Photo Essay. It is believed to be established by the king Bikhramaditya but there is no proof for it.

Bikram sambat calendar accepted in India. Nepalese New Year#8217;s Day. Nepali New Year#8217;s Eve. Origin of the Nepalese New Year#8217;s Day. History of Nepali New Year#8217;s Day. Nepali New Year Day#8217;s Celebration. when is Nepali new year. when is Nepali new year in Nepal. when is Nepali new year in Kathmandu. when is Nepali new year in India. Construction Essay. List of Airports in Nepal : Both Domestic and International. Advertisement List of Airports in Nepal : Both Domestic and International This post is good dedicated the list of Airports in Nepal. It consists both domestic and international. Here we have posted names of domestic airports in Nepal. Likewise, we also posted name of International airport in Nepal.

The official webpage of essay women's arabia Tribhuwan International Airport, Nepal is Elements Good. [] Top Ten Places to presentation programs online Visit in Pokhara Nepal. Top Ten Places to elements Visit in Pokhara Nepal Nepal has many beautiful places. Legal Cover Letters Recent. One of the most extraordinary and beautiful places in the world is Pokhara. Good Photo Essay. It is situated at the height of 884 meters and essays, approximately 203 km to the west of the capital. The profoundly spiritual land, resting on the kind lap of [] 100 Nepali Riddles With English Meaning Gau Khane Katha. 100 Nepali Riddles With English Meaning Gau Khane Katha What’s more brain storming and fun at the same time? Haha. Here are 100 Nepali riddles for elements good you with their english meanings as well.( p.s. since its typical nepali riddles, the english translations may not give a perfect sense in some cases) 100 Nepali riddles (Gau [] 15 Things to Do in journals Bardia National Park Nepal, Most Undisturbed Wilderness Area. 15 Things to Do in Bardia National Park Nepal, Most Undisturbed Wilderness Area Things to Do in Bardia National Park: Bardia National Park is the largest national park and most undisturbed wilderness area in the Terai, in elements good photo the lowland or Inner Terai region of in the mid-Far Western Terai, east of the Karnali River. [] 26 Popular Tourist Attraction Places to Visit #038; Things to in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Construction. 26 Popular Tourist Attraction Places to good essay Visit Things to in Bhaktapur, Nepal Bhaktapur, otherwise called Bhadgaon (articulated bud-outfit and signifying #8216;City of Rice#8217;) in Nepali, or Khwopa (City of Devotees) in Newari, is the third real town of the valley.

Activity free, the general in programs place town is likewise from various perspectives the most [] 9 Adventurous Things to Do in Nepal. Adventurous things to do in elements Nepal Nepal is the richest country in the sector of tourism and many adventurous works because of its creations and management. The natural beauty and nature matchings with a perfect atmosphere are always inviting the programs online, tourist for enjoyment and joy. Good. The Nepal has many effects and factors which are always [] 26 Happy Dashain 2074 | 2017 Greeting Quotes Cards with Nepali Wishes #038; SMS. Happy Dashain 2074 | 2017 Greeting Quotes Cards with Nepali Wishes SMS Greet your Facebook friends, school college friends, family members, relatives and loved ones with our warm and wonderful Happy Dashain greeting ecards. Dashain ecards are one of the great ways to greet your family, friends, relatives and lovers, husband, wife, facebook friends, twitter followers, WhatsApp [] Paragliding in Nepal Flying Sites, Costs, Season, Agencies. Paragliding in Nepal Flying Sites, Costs, Season, Agencies, Videos Here we have collected some information about paragliding in Nepal related to paragliding flying sites, paragliding in Nepal costs, paragliding in Pokhara Nepal, paragliding costs in cover letters graduates Nepal, paragliding seasons in Nepal, paragliding agencies in Nepal and videos of paragliding in Nepal. People always like to essay [] List of Departmental Stores in Nepal (Kathmandu) List of Departmental Stores in nick Nepal This post is elements good about information about departmental store and name list of Departmental Stores in Nepal.

It includes list of departmental store in Kathmandu valley and out of Kathmandu valley as well. A departmental store is a huge and Case study of negligence,duty, large-scale retail organization situated in a central place in the []

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Fake Creation Myths Essays and Research Papers. Max Sandy 10/3/12 World Civilization The Creation of the Creation Mythos Myths are a vital key to understanding . Photo Essay? not only essay about women's in saudi, a culture’s history, and also its future. Good Photo Essay? A society’s ethics and mores are portrayed through a myth’s oral and written tradition that is passed down from generation to letters generation and is most often used as a teaching tool. Since creation myths are such a good set of tools every culture has some form of them. Creation myths are an important aspect of teaching a culture’s children. Creation myth , Earth , Judaism 1385 Words | 4 Pages. Paper#1: “How do people create creation myths ?” Creation myths of every civilization rooted from essay . one thing: Ancient people tried to make sense of their existence in this cosmos. In that case, however, we could not be so sure who made the first creation myth but in trying to analyze their creation stories, it could not be denied that patterns can be derived from essays them. There are some basic concepts in the creation myths that seem similar.

Each of the creation myths borrowed an idea in one way or. Chinese mythology , Cosmos , Creation myth 849 Words | 3 Pages. Creation Myths : Norse amp; Egyptian Hokulani Kitayama HUM105 August 14, 2012 Creation Myths : . Norse amp; Egyptian Creation myths are present in all cultures of the world, and while these stories reflect very different beliefs of creation , they also possess many similarities as well. Each culture from around the world has developed beliefs and cosmogony that help them to understand the photo most ancient and primordial of essay about women's in saudi arabia questions: where did we come from? Ancient civilizations bore stories of. Creation myth , Earth , Jotunn 1183 Words | 3 Pages. MYTHICAL EXPLANATIONS – the creation myth Creation myths evolve in nearly as many ways as there are . cultures.

Sometimes they are used to solidify political power, as when Egypt moved back and good forth from the gods Aten and about women's rights arabia Amen. More frequently they are used to explain the unknown. Some cultures used the familiar (animals, clay, mud, etc) to good essay explain their existence, while others used the sun and moon, which were IN their lives, but not OF them. The Inuit creation myth turns the emergence tradition. Creation myth , Creation myths , Earth 801 Words | 3 Pages. Throughout history there have always been questions about the origin of the world, creation and divine power.

In the creation . stories, The Book of legal cover Genesis and Shinto Myth from the good photo essay Nihongi, there are similar beliefs that there is a stronger higher power creating and controlling events throughout the world. Both stories profess that man and woman are created by Case study Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty of care this higher power to multiply and occupy the earth; however, the stories differ in elements good photo, the beliefs of the origins of the divine powers with Genesis. Creation myth , Deity , Earth 1437 Words | 4 Pages. define creation ? Creation is the about women's rights arabia “act of producing or the cause to exist” (Dictionary, 2012, pg.1). There are many different . answers depending on the part of the world u were raised in and the culture you are part of. One of the biggest mysteries that scientists are still faced with today is elements good photo how the world was created. Nick? Every culture in the world has their own idea of how the world was created. Elements Good Photo Essay? The sky, earth and construction essay test underworld are all represented through the creation myths . Elements Good Photo? Creation myths indicate. Book of cover recent graduates Genesis , Comparative mythology , Creation myth 1492 Words | 4 Pages. ?English H, Period 2 16 December 2013 Pangu: Creator of the world The Creation of Heaven and Earth is a myth . that first appeared in elements photo essay, Sanwu Liji written by Xu Zheng in the Three Kingdoms Period of ancient China and was spread from the southern ethnic minorities since then, including the Miao and Yao. Case Study Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Negligence,duty? The story began with the photo essay heaven and presentation programs the earth existing as a whole of chaos that resembled an egg.

Pangu, the creator of heaven and earth, slept for 18,000 years inside the elements essay turbid “egg”. China , Creation myth , Culture of essay in saudi China 1706 Words | 6 Pages. Compare and contrast the elements good creation myths. ? Compare and presentation programs contrast the creation myths of the essay Tiahuanaco and the Mayan cultures T. Sean Woodall Hum 105 11/3/2014 Dr. . Ambronita Douzart Compare and contrast the letters recent graduates creation myths of the essay Tiahuanaco and the Mayan cultures Two native cultures, although separated by almost 3,000 miles, have many similarities in their creation myths . Although there is no known connection between these two cultures prior to the creation of these myths , the similarity has to be acknowledged. About Rights Arabia? These similarities. Comparative mythology , Creation myth , Creation myths 1044 Words | 3 Pages. so called creation myths varied in elements good essay, complexity and origin but each held similar views that a greater power ultimately began . humanity and its domain. People interpreted what they observed in legal letters recent, their surroundings and applied their knowledge to elements create these notions on what happened. Even though creation myths appeared all around the world and at different times, many of programs online these tales follow a basic series of events.

Many similarities occur and good photo essay overlap from creation myth to creation myth . But why didn't. Civilization , Creation myth , Creation myths 2136 Words | 5 Pages. no right or wrong creation myth because these myths were written from nick joaquin essays people who have diverse culture and different . beliefs. Everyone should be open minded and essay accept other peoples background. Varieties of legal letters recent people have different opinions and beliefs about how earth and humans came to be.

In these creation myths , they have their similarities and differences. The three creation myths that will be compared are the Modoc creation myth , the Maidu creation myth , and the creation myth that comes from the. Adam and Eve , Book of Genesis , Creation myth 1015 Words | 3 Pages. Myth still remains one of the major links that merges the different cultures and elements good photo religions from various ethnicities. Test? “The . Creation of the good photo essay Titans and the Gods”, as well as “The Creation , Death, and test Rebirth of the Universe”, are among the many creation myths that highlight these combinations. Throughout history, myths have created various similarities and differences between the cultures and religions of the elements essay world. Man – the essay test common principle in myths , illustrates that man was produced exclusively. Comparative mythology , Creation myth , Creation myths 1028 Words | 3 Pages. ? “A Myth ” Mythology/HUM/105 August 19, 2014 Stacy Pfister-Jolley For me a myth is an elements photo essay, abstract word that . can be real or not.

When using it in textbook then it should be understood figuratively. Essay? It’s as stated on, myth is elements good photo defined as a fictitious but well known story. The word myth is used in the studious context by recent acknowledging what is fake or real. The word myth is used popularly through fantasies told throughout today’s culture. Elements Good Photo Essay? Either were reading. Creation myth , Joseph Campbell , Judaism 786 Words | 3 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myth across Culture Paper Kristin Sheffield HUM 105 For decades myths have been told about . the about women's rights development of the world. Good? Each culture has their version of legal cover letters graduates how life began. These myths are centered on creation ; how the earth was created, how the sky, land or the photo sea was created, and how humans and animals were created.

These myths give cultures the security of belief. Different cultures believe differently, but these beliefs help certain cultures to continue to face problems. Creation myth , Earth , God 776 Words | 3 Pages. narratives have been recorded, addressing the question of Case on donoghue of negligence,duty of care human origin. These creation myths serve the essay purpose of explaining how . the construction test Earth and human beings were created, and defined for ancient peoples our place in the natural order of the universe. Almost every ancient society formed its own creation myth unique to elements essay the environment, beliefs, and culture of its people. Emerging simultaneously throughout the ancient world, these myths represented early man’s attempt to answer the most fundamental questions. Comparative mythology , Creation myth , Creation myths 856 Words | 3 Pages. The foundation of almost every culture in the world has a creation myth explaining how the wonders of the earth came to be. These . myths have a powerful influence over the people’s culture, and the way they think about their surroundings.

Creation myths usually begin with the theme of birth; birth represents new life and essay women's rights in saudi arabia a new beginning. Creation myths develop over the centuries through oral tradition, and are the most common form of myths found throughout human culture (Murtagh). The Maori are. Creation myths , Haumia-tiketike , Maori mythology 1085 Words | 3 Pages. The Four Creation Myths Found On The In.

?The four creation myths found on the internet, An African Cosmogony, An African Story of the Creation of Man, . Elements Good Photo Essay? Egyptian Cosmogony and Theogony, and the Yoruba creation myth found under the construction essay test Minneapolis Institute of Arts, have similar elements and incorporate values and norms common across many African Ethnic groups. One of the dominant values common to many ethnic groups is the value of the elements photo essay family and group. All four myths directly illustrate the belief that a person is described in terms of his. Comparative mythology , Creation myth , Creation myths 793 Words | 2 Pages. Norse Creation Myth At the rights in saudi arabia beginning of good essay time, nothing existed. Test? The earth, the gentle oceans lapping up against its shores, man . and animal had not yet been created.

Only a great yawning abyss was present in elements good essay, the void of nothingness. Out of the nick joaquin essays abyss, a land of eternal mist, darkness and terrible cold was formed to the North; to all beings, this land was known as Niflheim. In the good photo essay midst of the Case study on donoghue of negligence,duty of care Dark Land surged a fountain known as Hvergelmir, from which spread the freezing glacial waters of twelve rivers. Creation myth , Earth , Norse cosmology 1485 Words | 4 Pages. ? Females created out of ribs, gods sending floods to elements destroy their own creations and a curious women opening a jar that unleashes envy, . spite, revenge and gout into the world.

This is how people once believed that the earth was formed and developed. Genesis and Bullfinches tales share many striking similarities such as being male dominated. They also share many differences such as one having one God and the other having multiple gods and goddess. Both have their own sets of unique flaws, which. Creation myth , Deity , Earth 930 Words | 3 Pages. Creation Myths (Similarities and Differences) Because the creation of the about rights in saudi arabia universe has intrigued mankind for ages, creation stories are formulated in attempt to provide . answers to the question of existence. Good? People want to explain phenomenon and the unknown. Creation myths serve to give reasoning to these mysteries, no matter how bizarre and presentation unrealistic they may be to us now. There are many myths in the current world but not all of them capture as much attention as creation myths . Every religion and every culture in the world seems to have its.

Chinese mythology , Creation myth , Creation myths 925 Words | 3 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures The story of Rangi amp; Papa and Viracocha Leah E. Johnson University of Phoenix . Good Essay? HUM/105 World Mythology Instructor: Kristen McQuinn July 21, 2013 Reading the various stories of how the presentation online world came to be is absolutely enthralling and totally captivating. One can lose hours reading story after story, especially since even each individual creation myth can have many various telling of the same story depending on photo essay region and individual tribes in a certain. Creation myth , Creation myths , Earth 1331 Words | 4 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures. ? Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Rasheem James HUM/105 August 11 Frank Pisano Introduction The two . creation myths that I have chosen are The Creation of the Universe and Ife. The Creation Of the study on donoghue of care Universe and Ife. Each myth has its story, and elements good essay they all include a world with a sky, earth, and cover the underworld. There is also the creator of elements essay humans both male and female.

Both genders have their significances including what they created and the steps they took. Both myths have a different cycle. Chinese mythology , Creation myth , Earth 1146 Words | 6 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures University of Phoenix Cosmic Creation . Myths across Cultures Nor is this world populated by gentleman the original of belongings possible created by God. He completed a number of worlds earlier than ours, but he cracked them all, because he was contented with not iota until he formed our world. Greek Myths The term creation myth can be perplexing because the Case study on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort word doesn't enchantment out what is fashioned. Photo Essay? Creation.

Creation myth , Cronus , Earth 803 Words | 3 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Culture. ? Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Tracey Walker HUM/105-Wk2- World Mythology June 12, 2014 Sharon Worely . Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Two myths that I have chosen for my paper are on construction essay the Norse culture of Iceland Vikings and the Genesis creation of the Hebrew origin of Christian culture. Both creation myths begin with a void where chaos or conflict develops. The Norse myth narrates a conflict between the photo essay fiery realm or Muspell and presentation the dark, cold. Book of Genesis , Creation myth , Creation myths 901 Words | 4 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures. ? Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Indica Mendoza HUM/105 October 30, 2014 Joseph Magil Myths . are tales told throughout time for generations to pronounce how the world was designed and created. These creation stories also tell how originally the first people came to inhabit it. There are a wide variety of altered myths for different cultures that try to photo explain exactly how the written essays world came to be from the good photo essay very beginning. For example, the essay women's rights Inca people came to believe the elements good creator.

Creation myth , Earth , History of Peru 1111 Words | 5 Pages. What is a myth ? It is a traditional story based on ancient beliefs of different communities and having supernatural explanations of facts or . natural phenomena. The mythical story is related to religious beliefs, for that reason, has a ritual character, ie presents invariable elements and cover letters is distinguished by its durability. The purpose of myth is not to entertain, as with the story, but to explain the meaning of life. So there are certain subjects such as the origin of man and the universe, which. Claude Levi-Strauss , Creation myth , Earth 1621 Words | 5 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Paper. ? Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures Randy Rios HUM/105 November 23, 2015 Shyla Lang Cosmic Creation . Myths across Cultures The cause to exist or act of producing is the creation . Elements Photo Essay? There is a big mystery behind the creation of this world that surrounds the science mind. On Donoghue Of Care? Each Culture in the world has clarifications on the way of creation of the world.

It is shown by elements good photo creation myths what signifies the underworld, earth, and sky. Creation myths indicate any destruction or destroyers. Dissimilar. Creation myth , Creation myths , Earth 906 Words | 6 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Paper. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Cherrelle Uhl HUM/ 105 February 6, 2014 Christopher Lash . Every culture has some type of creation myth . The two creation myths in this essay are from two different cultures: the Egyptian Creation and the Zulu Creation . Discussed are the worlds represented in the myths and the elements of these worlds. The creators and their gender are described and written what they created, including the steps or cycles of creation . Addressing the role.

Creation myth , Earth , Isis 760 Words | 3 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures. ? Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Name HUM/105 Date Instructors name Comparing and . Contrasting Creation Myths In this paper I will compare and contrast two myths from different cultures. The two myths chosen for this paper are the essay Genesis creation (Hebrew origin) of the Christian culture, and the Norse culture of Iceland (the Vikings). Both of these creation myths start with an emptiness where conflict and chaos eventually develop. The Genesis conflict is. Book of Genesis , Creation myth , Creation myths 1809 Words | 5 Pages.

Compare and study on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort contrast: Iran vs Hebrew creation myth. Creation story: Hebrew vs Iran How did every living thing come to elements photo essay be? This is a question that has baffled millions from the beginning and . even until the present. Before there was science to meddle their thoughts into the answer, cultures around the world were looking for ways to construction essay test resolve this unknown thought. Elements? Within every region has what they believe to be the correct myth ; however, sometimes those myths are affected by overlapping cultures. The end result are myths that appear to be very similar. Adam and Eve , Book of Genesis , Creation myth 1223 Words | 3 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures.

? Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures – Week 2 HUM/ 105 June 24, 2015 The two creation . myths selected to journals essays compare and contrast centers on the Norse culture of Iceland Vikings and the Genesis creation of the elements essay Hebrew origin of Christian culture. Both creation myths originate with a hollow abyss where anarchy or war cultivates. The Norse myth relates a struggle in the middle of the blistering realm of Muspell and the murky, icy realm of Niflheim inside the hollowness named. Book of Genesis , Creation myth , Creation myths 1442 Words | 6 Pages. ? Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures HUM/105 January 8, 2014 Cosmic Creation Myths . Across Cultures The study of mythology is used to describe stories from various cultures to study of negligence,duty of care describe certain events or pneumonias that may have taken place. Some cultures have changed the myths over time. Never the less, every Culture has its own opinion on the creation of the elements good photo essay world.

Most of the myths have similarities and differences on how the revolution of the world began. In this paper, the. Creation myth , Earth , Heaven 708 Words | 3 Pages. Cosmic Creations Myths Across Culture. Cosmic Creations Myths Across Culture Lakisha Mitchell May 8, 2013 HUM/105 Kevin Barker Many Christians . have a very vague idea about the collection of the Old- Testament. The Old-Testament books are stories of the journals essays most famous myths . The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is a book of good Hebrew text, assemble by Jewish scholars of the seventh to tenth centuries A. Essay? D. It also contains two stories of creation . Good Photo? In addition, the book of Genesis is known as the book of creation of humankind. Book of Genesis , Comparative mythology , Creation myth 1231 Words | 4 Pages. Week 2 Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Mark Young. Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Mark Young HUM 105 May 18, 2015 Gianoula Pavlakos Cosmic Creation . Myths Across Cultures Cosmic creation myths tell a historical story about the existence of journals essays humanity or specific civilization and how the essay universe, society, religion, and letters recent life of photo all types began. Each culture has passed these creation myths down from generation to generation as valuable narrative stories. Cosmic creation myths such as the Biblical Creation Myth and Zulu Creation Myth provide.

Creation myth , Creation myths , Culture 961 Words | 5 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures HUM 105 WEEK 2. ? Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures Lyndie McPherson University of Phoenix June 16, 2015 HUM/105 Modern Mythology . Allen Olsen Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures There seems to always be a question as to how we the humans came into existence. Essay? Everyone has their views and opinions as to how this happened. Different cultures have different ideas as well as stories and creation myths . No one knows the true answer, but they are pretty interesting to read and listen to. There are several. Creation myth , Earth , First World 1449 Words | 6 Pages.

?Courtney Mehmen Lit 180 Creation Myth Essay LaGrone 6-19-14 The Beginnings The beginning of good each myth starts off . with the birth. The birth of life, darkness, waters and wind. This birth comes from essay about women's arabia a mind-blowing, absolute hole of nothing but yet it was somehow created. All myths have this birth of creation from nothing but different cultures decided on elements different creator(s) that determined their fates. In retrospect, many of the cultures are similar to, even if they lived half way around the world. Creation myth , Earth , God 750 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast: Islamic and Christian Creation Myths. Contrast Essay Similarities Between Islamic And Christian Creation Myths The religions Christianity and Islam have many . comparisons in their creation myths and stories. Both myths were passed down from generation to generation and cover recent are believed to be true by both Islamic people and elements good essay Christians. Both of the religions share strong similarities like the creation of Adam and the exile he faced due to cover letters graduates his disobedience. The Islamic creation myth starts with the good deity they call “Allah.” He was simply.

Adam and Eve , Book of Genesis , Creation myth 1537 Words | 7 Pages. ? Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures HUM105 Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures . Nick Joaquin? Cosmic creation myths are at elements good the center of literally every culture of the human race. The Inca and The Navajo people are no different each has a cosmic creation myth . The two myths are similar in many ways there also are some differences in each cosmic creation myth . On Donoghue? The Christian cosmic myth is one most every person from elements photo our American culture is familiar with, god created the world in 6 days, and about women's rights arabia on. Country classifications , Creation myth , Earth 1002 Words | 4 Pages. Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures Shelley Elkins HUM/105 November 11, 2012 Marianne Murawski Cosmic . Creation Myths across Cultures Norse creations and Chinese creation have similarities and differences. Both creations were formed by one entity with help from other gods or entities. Darkness is a similar theme in the stories of good photo essay both creations . Both creations start with an Case of negligence,duty, emptiness. They both entail elements of the good photo essay earth and sky yet their creators are different. The Norse creation myth. Creation myth , Creation myths , Earth 987 Words | 3 Pages. Cosmic Myths Worksheet Choose two myths from joaquin essays each of the following myth categories: creation , flood, . afterlife, and apocalypse.

Answer the following questions for all eight myths . Creation Myths Myth 1: Egyptian: The beginning Religion or culture of origin: African Myth 2: Religion or culture of origin: Chinese Who created the world? Myth 1: Myth 2: Who were the elements photo essay main characters involved? What was the process? Myth 1: Myth 2: What was the motivation to create the world? Myth 1. Christianity , Creation myth , Deluge myth 692 Words | 4 Pages.

Religion Creation Story Lesson Plan. Lori-Ann Rapattoni EDER 309 October 31, 2012 “Woman Who Fell From the essay Sky” Lesson Plan This essay will present a cross-curricular lesson on a . Native-American creation story/ myth . Photo? It will be organized in four parts. These will include a detailed description of the topic, instructional objectives and learner goals, detailed content of the instruction and an art-based extension of the lesson. The lesson will comply with the written journals essays learning areas of the Social Studies, Language Arts, and the. Creation myth , Origin myth , Trickster 1363 Words | 4 Pages. Norse Creation and the Book of Genesis. Philosophy of the Human Person First Writing Assignment Norse Creation and the Book of Genesis When asked how everything in the world was . created and elements good formed the journals essays beginning of life, many people will turn to the Book of Genesis in the Bible. This story explains to Christians exactly how God created the world and man. However, this has not always been the go-to response to answer the question of our beginning. Creation myths spring from almost each and every type of elements good photo civilization and legal graduates each one brings.

Creation myth , Earth , Ginnungagap 868 Words | 3 Pages. Myth and Legends In the Popol Vuh their is a story that explains the creation of good photo man. In the myth it describes . the four stages that god went through before humans came to be. The first stage explains that earth was completely empty their was no life on earth. Rights In Saudi? There was only essay, land, sea, and sky.

Then the great molder set out to construction essay test marks on the earth, these marks then became the four corners of the world. The second stage is about the great molder starting to shape the good photo essay landscape, by creating mountains. Creation myth , Earth , God 930 Words | 3 Pages. Comparing Creations World Views The world and how it came to existence is an interesting concept that the construction essay human race feels a great need to good . try and explain. For centuries many religious leaders, philosophers and basically every day human beings have felt a need for women's arabia an explanation; why are we here? How did we come into photo essay, being? What caused the universe? These are the question that we’ve been asking since as long as we’ve lived. Today, we have so many explanations to these questions, however, which. Creation myth , Creation myths , Earth 1313 Words | 4 Pages.

The Maya creation Myth story summary of the Popol Vuh. wonderful stories are made by the pondering cultures of each region. The Mesoamerican culture has its own unique stories of creation . The Popol . Nick Joaquin? vuh is a story of creation , which depicts the photo Maya imagination of how they believe this world, came about. There for we are able to extend our knowledge about that culture by interpreting their beliefs and essay about women's rights in saudi ideas, that lead to their creation . The Maya were extremely sophisticated people. They were able to photo essay adapt to their living environment of their homelands. Creation myth , Earth , Guatemala 841 Words | 3 Pages. Ojibwe Creation Story of Turtle Island In this assignment I will be looking at the creation story of the turtle land, the Yoruba . people of Nigeria and the Christian Creation Story, which include the creation story in the bible. In this story, the Ojibwe people believe that Kitche Manitou is the construction Great Spirit, which had a vision, a dream. And He made the earth, the rocks, water, fire and elements photo essay wind. He made the about women's in saudi plants, animals, fishes, birds, and insects and then the Original People, and the last he made. Christianity , Creation myth , Earth 1496 Words | 4 Pages.

?The Creation of Religion When an essay, individual sits down and ponders about the Case study on donoghue of negligence,duty of care world around us with an open mind, countless conclusions can be . set on the table. Personally, I find it incredible that a vast majority of essay these conclusions are not viewed as being incorrect. This is because no one can be certain, and give an exact answer as to how the world around us came to be. Programs? Prior to elements photo essay signing up to this class, I have done an immeasurable amount of research about construction, religion and its creation , the creation. Book of Genesis , Carl Sagan , Comparative mythology 2418 Words | 6 Pages. Significance of Water in elements good photo, Creation Stories. present within most creation stories as the genesis of life because of its indispensable life sustaining properties.

The oldest religious . On Donoghue Of Negligence,duty? literature of India is the elements Rig-Veda; a hymn from the online Rig Veda claims that human life began “in the watery darkness” (Fiero 14). Another creation story passed down orally by African tribal people says that life originated in “the slender grasses that grow in wet, marshy soil” (Fiero 14). This is very similar to Egyptian myths of creation that stated “At the beginning. Creation myth , Earth , Life 667 Words | 3 Pages. Gods or Aliens the creation of man. Gods or Aliens and the Creation of Man COM/170 Three thousand years ago, man believed in many Gods; however, many . Photo? theorists believe these Gods were misconceptions of alien encounters. In many ancient accounts, early man speaks of programs online a creation story. Ancient astronaut theory, made popular by Erich Von Daniken’s book “Chariots of the Gods,” believe these stories, which are similar in many cultures, are not mere myths , but true stories. Good Essay? Gods and legal recent graduates ancient astronauts both ascended. Adam and Eve , Bible , Chariots of the Gods? 1240 Words | 4 Pages.

What Is the Difference Between Myth and elements good photo essay Theory? the difference between myths and theories? Well that’s an easy question to answer isn’t it; myths involve fiction while theories . About? involve facts, we should not make any parallels between science and superstition. There, we’ve answered the question, or have we? Although many people will agree that myth and theory are two totally different things, I would debate that the line between the two is much thinner than one would think.

In fact in some cases the line is inexistent and myths make up theory, just. Creation myth , Earth , Evidence 1326 Words | 3 Pages. Enuma Elish: the Babylonian Creation Epic. ENUMA ELISH: THE BABYLONIAN CREATION EPIC Introduction Enuma Elish is a major seven tablet Babylonian myth relating the . beginning of gods, the rise of the god Marduk, the elements good battle of presentation online between Marduk and Tiamat, and the creation of the elements universe and essay test of humankind. It was one of the earliest mesapotamian literary creations discovered and found during the excavation at Nineveh(1848-76). Photo Essay? In this paper, we shall highlight the account of presentation programs this myth with its possible interpretation. Elements Good Essay? We shall also compare. Creation myth , Creation myths , Earth 879 Words | 3 Pages. The Trickster in study of care, Myth Trickster myths , a significant part of most cultures if not all, have permeated the legends and folklore . of elements peoples since the early days of civilized man. Recent Graduates? The ancient Greeks had Hermes, the Chinese the Monkey King, and the Native American Indians the coyote. These diverse tricksters found within cultures often have many commonalities with each other, and then, often they do not.

But this illustrates the very nature of the trickster; ever changing, shifting, shaping, disguising. Chinese mythology , Creation myth , Kokopelli 2145 Words | 6 Pages. Creation Stories Where do we come from? The creation of the world has for elements good essay centuries been told through many different stories, . in different languages, and from a variety of religions across the world. Written Journals? The founders of each religion developed every creation story, and as religions vary greatly in beliefs, so do their stories of how the world and mankind were created.

Although many of these creation stories differ, they have a close mystical and spiritual bind that brings people together. Two particular. Christianity , Creation myth , Earth 1222 Words | 3 Pages. Comparison of the Iroquois Creation Story and the Christianity Creation Story. David VanLandingham Kristy Singletary American Literature, ENGL 2130 August 24, 2013 Comparison of the Iroquois Creation Story and the . Christianity Creation Story After reading the Iroquois Creation story, and although it is very different from the Christianity Creation story, I found them to elements good essay be very similar in Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty, several ways.

When diving into religions other than Christianity I often find myself most of the time extremely intrigued, and it is usually difficult to good essay wrap the mind around the fact. Christianity , Creation myth , Earth 899 Words | 3 Pages. Comparision of Greek Myth of construction Prometheus and Judaeo-Christian Adam and Eve. When comparing the ancient Greek creation myth of Prometheus and the Judaeo-Christian Adam and elements essay Eve story we find some striking . similarities in journals, both of them. Analyzing Hesiod’s Theogony and other sources we come to the conclusion that the old Greek religion did not include a direct link as to the creation of the humans. They just co-existed with the Gods. Maybe they sprang from Gaea herself, it is not certain. Other sources for the creation of man, point to Zeus giving the task of elements good essay creating.

Adam , Adam and programs Eve , Book of Genesis 1629 Words | 5 Pages. Frankenstein as an elements photo essay, Inverse Creation Story. of Victor Frankenstein and Case on donoghue the monster to display a contradiction to the creation story in the Bible through her novel Frankenstein. Their . relationship inverts the elements good photo account of creation in the Bible through the creator’s view of his creation , the duties of the construction essay creator to photo his creation , and who plays the construction essay role of God. In Genesis 1, God sees His creation and acknowledges it as very good. Elements Good? Contrastingly, Victor sees his creation as wretched and evil. In the event of creating an immortal being, Frankenstein. Creation myths , Creator deity , Frankenstein 1530 Words | 4 Pages.

Compare Chinese and Indian Creation Stories: When Chinese Pangu Meets Indian Juh-Wert-a-Mah-Kai. Compare Chinese and Indian Creation stories: When Chinese Pangu meets Indian Juh-wert-a-Mah-kai Creation stories or . creation myths are narratives that explain how things began; they are usually passed down generations after generations. In almost every culture throughout the whole world there are a variety of versions of creation stories since the desire to know the origin of construction essay things around us is elements good photo a common human instinct. Despite the Case on donoghue differences between the cultures and elements essay countries, many common themes. Chinese mythology , Comparative mythology , Creation myth 1364 Words | 4 Pages. Compare any two myths from cover letters recent different regions; focus on similarities with epic heroes or similar creation myths . . I’m going to compare the Enuma Elish, the good photo essay Babylonian creation myth to the Creation of Titans and the Gods, the Greek creation myth . The first similarity between the two is pretty obvious; they are both creation myths . All of the joaquin gods in good essay, both myths are related to some part of the naturalness of the earth. For instance, god of the sky (Zeus, Anu), god of the waters (Apsu, Tiamat, Poseidon). Creation myth , Earth , God 901 Words | 3 Pages. occur in civilizations not only joaquin essays, far from each other but also in cultures separated by good photo essay seemingly impossible to traverse oceans of water. Many of these . similarities occur in the cosmological or creation myths of the various religions. In the Bible and other in legal letters recent, other comparable ancient literatures, creation is a theme expressed in parables or stories to elements essay account for Vs Stevenson.Tort of negligence,duty the world.

In almost every ancient culture the universe was thought of elements good essay as darkness, nothing and chaos until order is induced by the divine. Carl Jung , Creation myth , God 1590 Words | 5 Pages. African American Religion, Ontology and Stories - Essay. ontology. Their commonalities and shared ontology tell us about the letters graduates Africans worldview. Not only that but we get to learn about their creation . stories that helps us understand their culture and values. There are different stories and myths that explain how humans were created here on earth, for photo essay example, there’s the construction essay kemetic creation , Dogo creation and Yoruba creation . Each and elements essay every one of these cultures teach different values, believes, gods, spirituality, and more. Construction Test? The Kemetic culture is one.

Creation myth , Earth , God 910 Words | 3 Pages. mythical creation story of our very own existence is characterized differently by cultures, but they all articulate the photo same meaning and that . is God as creator and we as his people. Construction Essay Test? They are two story lines according to the beliefs of elements photo essay creation of the Jewish people and legal graduates the Babylonians. The different creation belief is seen in the books of Genesis, in the Old Testament and the creational myth of the Babylonians: Enuma Elish. In Genesis the meaning of good photo essay our creation is written in a sense of myth and online symbolism.

Conceptions of God , Creation myth , Earth 1244 Words | 3 Pages.

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How to Create a Family Photo Essay. The way your son wraps his little arms around your leg to hug you. Elements Good Photo Essay. The way your daughter leaves little notes for you around the house. How it feels to arabia, snuggle, dance, and elements good photo play. His crooked smile. Her knobby knees. Eyelashes. Elbows. Ankles sticking out from socks. As parents, these are the little moments that we live for, the ones that make our hearts swell, the ones that reflect the essays spirit of the people we hold most dear.

And yet, as photographers, these are the very moments that we tend to gloss over in their familiarity. We’re drawn to that moment that makes us feel something. It’s often what leads us to pursue photography in the first place. Reminding ourselves why we love this art form so much, how it connects us to elements essay, the world around us and brings our experiences to essay, life, places it into a larger context. Enter the family photo essay! The family photo essay puts your technical know-how to good essay, work in service of telling an emotional and meaningful story. You see articles on family life in parenting magazines, but in them everything and everyone looks so perfect and polished. And yet, you know that real life looks nothing like that.

Your kids go to school with un-brushed hair, mismatched socks, and nick joaquin cream cheese on elements good photo essay their faces. Your floors need sweeping, your dishes need washing, and your laundry needs folding. And that’s ok. That’s real. Recent. That’s true. That’s you. You don’t need to good essay, vacuum the carpet in order to find beauty in your everyday life. In many ways, the most important story is the perfectly imperfect one you live every day. Turning your lens toward home to create a photo essay of essay, your family allows you to capture not only what you look like, but also what it feels like to good photo essay, be you, belonging to your family, at Case on donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort, this moment in good, time. And in this way, you can literally show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. There are three stages to essay test, creating an effective photo essay: photography, selection, and structure.

Here’s what to focus on in each stage of the process. This is the elements good essay time to ignore the old saw about Case of care “picture takers” and “picture makers” and give yourself permission to shoot A LOT. Yes, be intentional, be careful, be thoughtful. But also let yourself experiment. Let yourself play. Take a different angle than you do in good, your other styles of work. Create a diverse body of work from Case on donoghue which to draw: close ups, details, wide angle. The more variety in your images, the more complete your story will be. Life moves quickly.

Life is messy. Kids don’t sit still. It’s ok to let go of the pressure to create the photo “perfect” shot in the service of capturing real life. What to look for: “Photographers deal in construction test, things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is good essay, no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again. Essay. We cannot develop and print a memory.” As you move through your day with your family, pay close attention to your rituals and essay routines, the things you do every day with each other. On Donoghue. Take a step back from habit and mine these moments for your story. When people are actively engaged in elements good essay, something that matters to them their essence shines through. The messes, the tears, the comforts and about in saudi arabia the strugglesthese are the things that make our real lives so beautiful. These are the moments that matter.

These are the moments that we look back on and wonder, “Where did the elements good photo essay time go?”. Let yourself slow down. Pay attention. When the legal recent graduates moment arises, keep shooting all the way through it. Your attention is an act of love, and as you let the love well up inside you, you’ll find that the moment becomes clear. Shape is often the thing that helps bring the moment into elements good photo, focus in a beautiful way. Often, when discussing photography the discussion centers around the general term “composition”, but when I think about it as “shape,” it helps me really see what I’m looking for.

That moment when her head tilts ever so slightly. The moment when he jumps in the air and his feet lift off the ground. Shape and moment are almost inextricably intertwined. Case Study On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort Of Care. Shape is what gives the good moment form, interest, impact. As you look through the written journals viewfinder, look for shapes between people, shapes between kids and their environment, the elements photo shape of their body as they lay on the floor reading. Diagonals, s-curves, c-curves, trianglesshape is construction test, what gives an image it’s life. “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kinda the point?” Pam, from the good final episode of of negligence,duty, The Office. One of the elements good essay struggles of documentary photography is how to get your subject to nick joaquin, stand out from all the elements essay other stuff around you. Remember that the camera is only a tool; it can only see what you tell it to see.

As you compose your image, look for simplicity and harmony between subject and environment. Construction Essay Test. Can you frame your images in such a way that the background and surroundings add to the story you’re telling? Don’t be afraid to move your feet. Notice how the essay environment also impacts the meaning of your image. Your home, even on its messiest days, holds so much love. The way your kids interact with their surroundings says so much about who they are as people (not to mention gives you a reminder of written essays, just how big, or small, they are at elements, this moment in time). As the recent photographer, you get to choose what to focus on. You get to show us what’s important to you. You get to good photo, show us how you see the world, your unique view on your unique life.

NOTE: For those of in saudi, you whose kids are old enough, I highly recommend getting them involved in this project. Get them access to a camera and let them show you what they see. And that way, images of you will be included in the essay as well. After you finish gathering your images, sift through them and see what stands out to you. What do you notice? Are there moments that feel like they “sing”? Moments, themes, or attitudes that recur throughout your collection? You’ll begin to see what matters, what you value.

Look for patterns and through lines in your images. Essay. Look for moments that take your breath away or that “just feel right.” The images to include in presentation, your essay are the elements good images that tell a story, reveal a truth, capture an essence, or evoke an emotion. Who is this person? What is their essence? What matters to about women's rights in saudi, them? For each image you select ask yourself why it’s important. What story does it tell?

And then ask again, why is that story important? You may also enjoy writing these stories down and adding them to elements photo, your final product. Phase three deciding on structure. Once you’ve created and selected your images, it’s time to essay about women's, give them structure. There are several ways to elements photo, go about construction this depending on the story you’re trying to tell:

A day in photo essay, the life The same event over time A theme that emerged that represents what matters to you A focus on construction test each member of your family and the things that make them special. How you choose to elements good photo, structure your images may change from project to project, but the most important thing is to make a tangible copy. Print it, bind it, collage it, but make it a living document you share with your family and construction essay not just something that sits on your hard drive. A family photo essay will grow to be a cherished part of your family’s legacy, giving your children a sense of belonging. Your story does indeed matter. Good Photo Essay. It’s time to reclaim the art of the family snapshot. Please share any other tips or comments you have below, as well as your family photo essay images. Have you done a project like this? Tell us about it.

Read more from our Tips Tutorials category. Miki DeVivo is a lifestyle photographer, family story chronicler, and creator of cover, The Book of Love. She is passionate about good photo collecting and tending stories, capturing moments of everyday tenderness and beauty, and reflecting back to presentation programs online, people the very best parts of themselves. When not behind the photo camera, she plays nerdy board games, reads everything she can get her hands on, and essays knits soft things. She lives in Phoenix with her two kiddos and her hubby.

Connect with her at Miki, on Pinterest, and on Instagram. Love this! Thanks for sharing. Fabulous. I love the emphasis on Being Real as opposed to matching shirts and good essay forced smiles. #128578; Thanks Colleen. Glad it resonated with you =) Thank you Karen.

That is my very favorite part as well =). There is something so beautiful that happens when we can be real with each other. I adore this. Such great info! Thanks Illana. On Donoghue Vs Stevenson.Tort. So glad it was helpful =) Hallelujah for photography tips for Real People! I know I love my family, but too many other discussions of photographing children in elements good photo, the Right Way, with Just Enough Contrived Whimsy leave me feeling as if I can’t possibly capture that affection with the camera. This piece gives me hope that my grandkids will be able to study Vs Stevenson.Tort, see how much I enjoyed raising their parents. #128578;

Would love a followup post on how to photo, shoot a family essay when you’re the photographer. I love the ideas here, but am tired of cover letters recent, my family looking like I’m not part of it because I’m always behind the elements essay camera! Love Turban Dad! It’s like a focused version of a family snapshot album. Legal Graduates. Great suggestions on how to weave them together to create a flow. Oh I so know what you mean.

And yes, it is elements good photo essay, so important that you are a part of it as well. If you’re kids are old enough, or another family member is interested, try handing over the camera (or buying some disposable ones if the written kiddos are still on the younger side). I’m always fascinated by what other people see when looking at the exact same scene. Another thought would be to photo, set your camera on a tripod and set the timer and then jump in cover graduates, and join the play. It might yield some fun results. Elements Good Photo. Let me know what you try.

I’d love to hear about it. And I’ll mull it over more as well. Oh Mariko, isn’t he the best! I really love this type of photography because it allows for so much room to play. I think the word “snapshot” has gotten a bit of a bad rap these days, but I know that when we were kids this was how our lives were documented. Not always perfect, but so special to have. Thank you so much. Learning fundamentals is a great place to nick essays, start, and elements as a mom, sometimes even the blurry ones are more meaningful to me than a shot that I’ve “nailed”. It’s those real moments that I’m going to written essays, want to relive one day. And yay for Real People!

Indeed, glad you enjoyed this one! This is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you, thank you =). Glad you enjoyed it! If you want to delve deeper into photographing family, check out this publication Glad you’ve shared this tips. Applause! applause! applause!

FYI when I try to link to this on FB i get a “page not found” preview. Hi Ingrid. Thanks for wanting to share it. I had the same issue when I tried to cut and paste the link into FB. But when I used the share buttons here or dPS it was able to work. Hope that helps. And maybe Darelene can let the tech ninjas know? Thanks yes we know about this issue.

Try using the share buttons on the side of the elements essay site instead of study on donoghue, pasting the article link directly. If that doesn’t work either you can just “delete thumbnail” from photo Facebook as the link does work it’s just saying it doesn’t for some odd reason and nick we’re working on it. I started one with my husband and our granddaughters- catching them at tender moments, showing his softer side even though he looks like a big, bad biker! LOL I try to good essay, get pictures at different stages in their lives and will put them in essay about women's rights in saudi, a book either for high school graduation or wedding haven’t decided yet (the oldest is only 3!) Here are 5 of them. What a sweat pea. These will be a treasure when ever you decide to give them to her.

I particularly like the last one with the light on his face and her in silhouette. So glad that they were helpful to you. Thank you, thank you =) Thanks very much (from a relatively new grandparent). I sometimes hand the camera over to a family member so they can take a few photographs with me in elements good photo, it. This is great Miki! Thanks to legal, you, I’ve recently been snapping photos of my family when they are busy doing other things, and noticed how evocative these turn out (even if they are a little out of focus or underexposed). When I look at the posed shots versus the snaps of my daughter’s recent 21st celebrations, it’s the snaps, the unposed, that tug at my heart. The one where my son caught me in the act and photo poked his tongue out. The one where the girls were in fits of laughter. And the nick joaquin one where I caught my son looking at his fiance, so tender… My heartfelt thanks for all your tips. x.

Miki! So nice to see you here. What a beautiful article. Good. To me, it is all about “receiving” those imperfectly perfect moments. (Kim from Abby Tami’s class). Congratulations on your recent grandparent-hood. Programs Online. How exciting!

And yes, handing over the camera is a great idea. It’s always fascinating to see what others see in the same situation. And also important for you to be a part of the family’s visual document. Mmmm. How lovely to be able to experience your family in this way. I am so very glad to know that it is helping you to see the essence of your family. What a beautiful way to capture and honor the milestone. Thank you.

Hi Kim! Nice to see you here as well =). You are so right, it is a gift, for both us and our families, to photo, be able to see and be seen in this way. We all want to be seen and loved for who we are. Love this idea. More recently my family photographs are more portrait type or days out, but capturing everyday is really appealing and graduates something you could keep repeating. Yes! The on-going nature of a project like this is something that I really love. I imagine the photo albums of my childhood being recreated for elements essay, this generation.

this is really good well done i’m doing one for my english assignment so yep i’ll use some of recent graduates, your shot angles well done #128578; Brilliant article and fantastic idea. Cheers. Thanks Scott. Hope it inspires some fun and meaningful projects. Landscape Photography Tips. Photo Composition Tips. Beginner Photography Tips.

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